YC-210 Wiped Film Evaporator for Food & biological product

  • It’s a new type of Wiped Film Evaporator – Flash Evaporator, and it is usually used in laboratories to replace rotary evaporators. Because of its non-stop input and output of materials, the equipment is more efficient and can be used in more circumstances.
  • It is used for efficient, quick concentration of heat-sensitive materials.
  • It has a simple structure that is very stable and reliable. Staff at the labs can comfortably operate it with only one hand.
  • It requires a very short concentration time (less than 30 seconds), which means the materials are heated only for a short time, so it’s really suitable for heat-sensitive materials.

Pilotech YC-210 Wiped Film Evaporator for Medical & Food et.c

YC-210 Wiped Film Evaporator The wiped film flash evaporator haves the advantages of falling film and scraped film technology to make the material liquid flow downward along the heating tube wall in the form of a film under the action of the scraper for heat transfer and evaporation. The advantages are high heat transfer efficiency and fast evaporation speed. The material residence time is short, and according to the relationship between the speed of liquid gasification and temperature, pressure and surface area, various factors are well matched in a vacuum state, thereby forming a new vacuum direct current, continuous liquid injection, and instant evaporation. A new generation of rapid concentration equipment for Chinese herbal medicine extract.

Sr.noParameterPilotech YC-210 Wiped Film Evaporator
1Power3KW ,220V ,50/60Hz
5Evaporation area0.06M2
5Condensation area0.5M2
6Feeding methodNeedle valve
7Scraper speed100-1200RPM (Stepless)
8Temperature controlPID control
9Heating precision±1⁰C

Wiped Film Evaporator

In the past, when you wanted to concentrate a biological product or a liquid herbal extract, you normally would use a rotary evaporator. You can see that, after years of development, new versions of rotary evaporators are handier than before, yet they still have the disadvantage of slow concentration and long heating time. Therefore, rotary evaporators are not suitable for high viscosity materials, especially those that are prone to foam during the concentration. Pilotech Wiped Film Evaporator is an effective instrument to solve the problems.

Yes, you have a new choice now, one that can significantly increase your efficiency– Pilotech Wiped Film Evaporator.

The biggest difference between Pilotech Wiped Film Evaporator and rotary evaporator is that Pilotech can take in the original materials continuously so that the materials don’t have to stay in the heating container for a long time.

Pilotech Wiped Film Evaporator can be used for rapid concentration, crystallization, and desiccation of medical, chemical and biopharmaceutical materials, as well as the quick recovery of organic solvents.

Due to the advantages in wiped film and falling film, Pilotech Wiped Film Evaporator scrapes the fluid material to make it flow like a film down the wall of the heating tube to be heated and evaporated. The heat transmission is efficient and evaporation is fast, so that the material stays in the heating device for just a short time. Besides, Pilotech makes a comprehensive consideration of elements like the speed of evaporation, the temperature, the pressure and the surface area, combines them properly in a vacuum state so that the new type of herbal extract concentrator can achieve the effect of vacuum direct flow, non-stop input of fluid and instant evaporation.

Therefore, Pilotech Wiped Film Evaporator is especially suitable for the concentration of biological products that may dissolve or denature easily in a high temperature. Even if your materials are prone to foam during the concentration, or they are pretty viscous, this instrument can still concentrate them quickly.

Pilotech Wiped Film Evaporator uses a specially made and formed glass that is easy to clean and corrosion resistant.

With the use of Pilotech Wiped Film Evaporator, the fluid to be concentrated leaves the heating device just 30 seconds after it enters the system, thus minimizing the damage to the active ingredients due to prolonged heat exposure.

Because of its non-stop input of materials, Pilotech Wiped Film Evaporator is especially suitable for concentrating solutions in large quantities. The whole process includes the liquid input control, evaporation separation and recovery of concentrates and solvents.

Pilotech Wiped Film Evaporator is most suitable for the concentration, purification, decolorization, deodorization, and degassing of heat-prone materials and materials that are easy to foam or highly viscous.

Every Pilotech Wiped Film Evaporator has undergone rigorous testing before leaving the factory to ensure that the machine’s performance is stable and meets our strict factory standards. To be specific, every piece of Pilotech’s concentrator has undergone 72 hours of uninterrupted operation testing before leaving the factory.

We recorded a video tutorial about the operation of the instrument, so you will be able to quickly learn to operate Pilotech Wiped Film Evaporator after you receive it. Even if you are a complete novice, you don’t need to worry about the proper use of the instrument.


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