YC-510 vacuum low temperature lab spray dryer

  • The vacuum lab spray dryer can realize high temperature spray drying, vacuum low temperature spray drying and organic solvent spray drying;(organic solvent spray drying optional);
  • Small size, multi-function, low noise, modular design, convenient installation and convenient use;
  • The processing capacity is 500ML/H, and an experiment can be completed with 10ML materials;
  • Exported to more than 50 countries and regions.

Pilotech Vacuum Lab Spray Dryer

Shanghai Pilotech YC-510 vacuum lab spray dryer is a product of many years of technological innovation in the field of experimental spray dryer. It is suitable for spray drying of heat-sensitive materials and spray drying of organic solvent materials(inert loop system optional) . The lab spray dryer is small in size, low in noise, easy to install, durable and stable, and low in cost.



ParameterPilotech YC-510 Vacuum Lab Spray Dryer

1500W(spray dryer)

2000W(inert loop system)

6500W(vacuum system)



380V((vacuum system)

3Min. Outlet Temperature




0-330 mᶟ/h


Max. Inlet temperature200⁰C
7Temperature precision



Nozzle jet0.7mm standard/(0.5/1.0/1.5/2.0mm available)
9Nozzle type

Two fluid nozzle


Possible particle size range1-25µm
11Mean Residence time

1.0-1.5 sec


Operation modeAutomatic/Manual
13Minimum sample volume



Spray chamber materialSUS304 Stainless steel
15Cyclone separator material

SUS304 Stainless steel


Receiving tank material

SUS304 Stainless steel
17Body material

SUS304 Stainless steel


Seal of cyclone/cylinderSilicone
19Gas type

N2 (for solvent)or compressed air(for aqueous)



800*600*900(SPRAY DRYER)

900*700*900(INERT LOOP SYSTEM)

850*700*800 (VACUUM SYSTEM)


Display7-Inch LCD display for Heat, Spray, Pump, Air pressure, de-blocker frequency
22Thermal protection

Blower does not stop until temp <90⁰C


24Inert loop (for solvents)


Pilotech has been producing lab spray dryers since 2005. In the world, more than 3,500 universities, research institutes and enterprises are using our lab spray dryers.
In order to meet your scientific research needs for different materials and different processes, Pilotech YC-510 vacuum lab spray dryer designed for multiple functions and integrates the functions of ordinary spray dryer, vacuum spray dryer and organic solvent spray dryer. Therefore, we have adopted a modular design. You don’t need to buy such a multifunctional module at one time. You can buy a vacuum module or a inert loop system when you need it.
The amount of materials in the laboratory is generally relatively small, and the preparation of materials is more troublesome, so the YC-510 vacuum lab spray dryer designed to handle a small amount of 500ML/H, and the minimum amount of material is 10ML (the material has a suitable concentration ), will not waste your time to prepare materials. Of course, if your material handling capacity is relatively large, you can also choose our pilot-scale spray dryer.
The body of the YC-510 vacuum lab spray dryer made of SUS304 stainless steel, and the drying room is equipped with a sight glass, so that you can observe the entire experiment process and adjust the appropriate drying process during the experiment.
The vacuum module of Pilotech YC-510 vacuum lab spray dryerhas a minimum air inlet temperature of 50°C and a minimum air outlet temperature of 45°C. It is especially suitable for spray drying of heat-sensitive materials such as enzyme preparations and probiotics.
The nitrogen circulation system of Pilotech YC-510 lab multifunctional vacuum spray dryer, built-in low-temperature cooling circulation pump and oxygen monitoring system, organic solvent vapor condensation recovery, the nitrogen concentration in the system is higher than the safe setting, the system automatically shuts down to ensure your Safe.
Before you place an order, our sales engineers will understand the characteristics of your materials in detail and help you choose the right modules. After the production of the equipment is completed, we will experiment with different materials, and check the sealing of the equipment, the stability of the oxygen monitor, the recovery of organic solvents and the recovery rate of materials. After no problems, we will run the machine empty for 72 hours. Make sure you receive an vacuum lab spray dryer with stable operation and reliable quality.
After you receive the goods, we will send you the installation and use video, just like an engineer will explain by your side.
If you want to know more about Pilotech YC-510 vacuum lab spray dryer, please contact us for more information and quotation.

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