YC-100 Tea Extraction Machine

  • Suitable for the effective extraction of tea, fruit, Chinese herbal medicine, and natural products.
  • Vacuum low-temperature extraction and concentration, the material active ingredients (tea polyphenols and aroma substances, etc.) are less lost.
  • Able to achieve a volatile aromatic oil recovery.
  • The part in contact with the material is made of SUS304 stainless steel and meets GMP regulations.

Pilotech Tea Extraction Machine

Pilotech YC-100 Tea Extraction Machine is suitable for the preparation of a small number of materials in university & research institutes, food, and pharmaceutical enterprises, new product development, etc.

The machine is small in size, low noise, jacketed heating method, safe and reliable, with built-in stainless steel water ring vacuum pump to achieve vacuum pressure-reduction and low-temperature extraction.

Sr.noParameterYC-100 Tea extraction machine
1Power(electric heat)27000W
3Extraction tank capacity0.1m³
4MaterialSUS 304 Stainless Steel
5Evaporation chamber  vacuum degree0~-0.08MPa
6Precision of temperature±2℃
8Cooling water pressure<0.3pa
9Touch screenoptional
10Stainless steelthree-decker/outer insulation/intermediate heating

















Stainless steel extractor(10L)

Tube array condensator

coiled tube condenser

oil-water separator

pipeline sight glass

Stainless steel water ring pump

Omron temperature controller

Stainless steel extract blue


Sanitary safety valve

control cabinet

connection with pipe Tube Fitting Valve

12Tube array condensator  area2㎡
13Coiled tube condenser area1.2㎡
14Evaporation capacity20-25kg/h


range of application


Chinese herbal medicine/natural product/ cosmetics/foodstuff

Ultrasonic extraction(optional)/Dynamic extraction/Volatile aromatic oil recovery….

Tea Extraction Machine: The Complete Buying Guide

The extraction of useful ingredients from tea, such as tea polyphenol, should be done using tea extraction machine.

Pilotech YC-100 Tea extraction machine combines extraction tank and concentration tank. If some tea contains special volatile aromatic oil, our configured oil-water separator ensures better recycling process.

The junction between Pilotech YC-100 tea extraction machine and materials is made of SUS304 stainless steel and it is food grade, safe and reliable. If necessary, we can also configure SUS316 stainless steel for you.

After extraction of the tea, the extract has a low solid content and needs to be concentrated. Our machine is equipped with the function of low-temperature vacuum concentration, which maintains a certain degree of vacuum and a relatively low temperature in the concentrator, reduces the boiling point of the water and makes it evaporate quickly. That is mainly because the degree of vacuum is low and the boiling point of the liquid is low. So the heating time is short, and the concentration time is greatly shortened. After our test, under the same vacuum condition, we compared the concentration without heating and that with heating. It turns out that the concentration time of the latter is only 1/7 of the former and the quality of concentrated tea beverage is good, which can reach a concentration of 20% to 40%.

Pilotech YC-100 tea extraction machine has a patented water ring vacuum pump with very low noise, which can give you a very quiet laboratory environment.

It has a built-in double filter device and the filtration accuracy can be determined according to your requirements, like 100 mesh, 200 mesh, or 400 mesh. All these are available.

Pilotech tea extraction machine is mainly used for laboratory test or pilot test, available in 5L, 10L, 20L, 30L, 50L, 100L and 200L.

For your better and more convenient use of our YC-100 tea extraction machine, we have created a detailed teaching video for you. From wiring to discharging, we teach you step by step to ensure you have no problems when using our machine.

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