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The solution for free-flowing granulate from powder or liquids

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  • Have been in the field of mini Spray Granulatorfrom 2005.
  • Exported to 50 countries and 1800+ Usersaround the world.
  • Suitable for pharmaceutical, food, plastic, chemical, fertilizer, washing powder industries, and it is particularly effective on the granulation of sugary materials.

Pilotech Spray Granulator

YC310 Lab Scale Fluid Bed Dryer

YC-310Lab Scale Fluid Bed Dryer is suitable for the treatment of limited volume of materials which require high accuracy of temperature and time. It is able to deal with particles size of which can be as small as 5 microns. High-speed air flow provides efficient heat exchange, which enables faster and more even drying efficiency than ovens, microwaves and the vacuum drying, and it incurs no losses at the same time. The drying is generally completed within ten minutes. It can be used for sample pretreatment prior to particle size analysis, and for the rapid drying of Pharmaceuticals, chemicals (such as resin granule), foods (such as starch) and minerals.

YC1000 Laboratory Granulator

YC-1000 Laboratory Granulator is a fluidized bed spray granulator. The innovation and the unique design enable the equipment to possess the functions of spray drying, fluidized bed drying, spray granulation and spray coating. Spray drying is performed at low temperature, and it is suitable for heat sensitive materials and sugary materials. The spray granulation features a unique back-flushing design which delivers high yield rate of materials.

YC03 Fluid Bed Processor

YC-03 Fluid Bed Processor is a pilot fluidized bed granulation coating machine. The processing capacity includes 3KG/batch and 5KG/batch. The equipment is divided into the categories of top spray, bottom spray and side spray. The top spray includes two spray heads, which can be switched online. It is suitable for particles of different sizes. The blower has the function of three-stage purification, which is in line with GMP regulations.

Why Pilotech Spray Granulator?

  • In China, the Pilotech laboratory spray granulator has always been the first choice for university researchers.
  • The Pilotech spray granulator features excellent adaptability, and it is suitable for the treatment of different materials. It also functions very well on sugary materials.
  • The Pilotech spray granulator is small in size, easy to install and maintain, and the use cost is pretty cheap.
  • The Pilotech spray granulator delivers stable performances. It is able to ensure consistent and stable results of the experiment conducted through the same process.

Ms. Lucy

In 2013, we purchased the Pilotech spray granulator, 1KG, for the students. They all like to use it in the experiment because its operation is very easy.

Spray Drying Machine: The Complete Buying Guide

Spray granulators are widely used in various industries such as fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, foods (especially instant foods), industrial chemicals, materials, resin processing, etc.

Briefly speaking, our spray granulator works by spraying the binder solution onto the fluidized powder material in the chamber. The powder first in contact with the droplets would be wetted and form a core for the accumulation of more droplets and powder particles. Newly added droplets form fluid bridges between smaller particles, which is dried to form solid bridges, or the materials accumulate layer by layer to form larger granules.

Our spray granulator can also work this way: The major material is in liquid and atomized by the spray nozzle into the chamber; the fluidized bed charge act as the core to allow the droplets accumulate onto them to form desired large granules.

Pilotech spray granulator is designed for small-scale experiments and pilot-scale trials, with capacities of 5kg, 3kg, 1kg, 500g, and 300g. The granulators can process a minimum of 100g material and a maximum of 5kg material each batch and can produce a maximum granule size of 5mm.

Our spray granulator can also be used for coating and drying. When used for coating, the coating material is spayed from the bottom and can make an even and firm coating for granular materials or pills.

If required, we can also equip the spray granulator with multi-stage HEPA filtration, the data can be cured in full compliance with GMP regulations.

For the 3kg and 5kg spray granulators, two top spray nozzles are equipped and can be switched online to meet the needs for larger granules.

We have added spray drying function to the 1kg spray granulator, so you won’t have to buy a separate laboratory spray dryer.

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