Shanghai Pilotech YC-01 laboratory spray freezer granulator is a new type of freezer, on the basis of the traditional freeze dryer, it innovatively combines the spray function, greatly improves the drying speed of the freeze dryer, and effectively improves the material Physical properties, such as solubility, etc. The equipment processing capacity is 1.2L/H, and an experiment can be completed with a minimum of 5ML

YC-01 laboratory spray freeze granulator

  • A new type of spray freeze granulator, with a processing capacity of 1.2L/H, fast speed;
  • Small size, less than 1 square meter;
  • The dried material is granular, with uniform particle size distribution, no need to pulverize again, and the solubility is very good;
  • It is suitable for the drying of heat-sensitive materials, and the dried materials retain their original characteristics;

Shanghai Pilotech Instrument & Equipment Co., Ltd. YC-01 laboratory spray freeze granulator equipment is developed based on many years of experience in the production of laboratory spray freeze dryers, in accordance with the actual requirements of users, in response to the new development of spray freezing technology.

Compared with the traditional spray dryer, it can obtain samples with porous surface, high solubility, good dispersibility, and low agglomeration. It is also suitable for heat-sensitive materials and can maintain the activity of the materials to the greatest extent.

Compared with the traditional freeze dryer, the spray freezing technology adds a spray process. The material is atomized before freezing. At the moment of atomization, it encounters low temperature and freezes into ice crystals, which greatly increases the material’s capacity. Surface area

YC-01 laboratory spray freeze granulator has a rated processing capacity of 1.2L/H, and the processing speed is fast;

YC-01 laboratory spray freeze granulator is small in size, covering an area of ​​less than 1 square meter, with a hub;

YC-01 laboratory spray freeze granulator body is made of SUS304 stainless steel, color touch screen, PLC control, easy to operate;

1. The spray freeze granulator capacity is 300-1200mL/h, which can freeze samples continuously;
2. It is suitable for drying and granulating heat-sensitive materials, and the dried materials retain their original characteristics;
3. The material is quickly cooled by liquid nitrogen;
4. Insulation jacket for spray freezer, spray liquid crystallize quickly;
5. The dried material is granular, with uniform particle size distribution, no need to pulverize again, and the solubility is very good;
6. Narrow particle size range distribution, 20μm-200μm can be selected;
7. Liquid nitrogen consumption: 10-20L/h;
8. Color touch screen operation, PLC control;


ProductSpray Freezer Granulator
capacity of spray freezingMax.1200mL/h
pump flow rangeMax.1500mL/h
Power220V 10A
Freezer compartmentSUS304 stainless steel
Peristaltic pump pipe diameter4×6mm
environment temperature5~35℃
Freezing temperaturebelow -80°C
Body materialSUS304 stainless steel
Liquid nitrogen consumption10-20L/h
Particle size range5μm-200μm

Which kinds of products do you have? :

Our main products are: mini spray dryer, mini UHT sterilizer, lab multi-functional extracting tank, laboratory Inert Loop spray dryer, laboratory low-temperature spray dryer (vacuum spray dryer), laboratory spray freeze dryer, laboratory spray granulator (spray drying & spray granulating all-in-one) as well as small and pilot composite production line for drinks, milk, yogurt and powder, combined with complete laborato

Do all the products have operating interface and operating manual in English? :

Yes, all our equipment provide operation interface in English, and if necessary, we can also provide the user’s native language, and all products are available in English operating instructions; if necessary, we can also provide the user’s desired language version. In addition, there are are operating videos for our products for the convenience of customers to use.

Do you have E-catalogue? :

Yes, you can send your inquiry to our email: sales@51082915.cn, we will send it to you ASAP.

How is the sales service of company’s products? :

We offer one-year warranty for all the products, and for products within the warranty period, we provide free services for all non-human damages. After the warranty expires, we will only pay the cost.

How is the stability and durability of the company’s products? :

The company has been established for 10 years, and 90 percent of products have been adopted in Chinese colleges and universities. The first produced products have still used by customers currently, and the products are very durable. In China, before the purchase of equipment, many teachers in the university will carefully listen to the views of colleagues on usage. Pilotech Equipment has good performance and stability and achieved a good reputation, and the purchases of numerous new customers are recommended by old customers.

As for the foreign market, what kind of policy that Pilotech has on dealers? :

Pilotech welcoms the dealers to sell our products, and we will provide dealers with strong technical support and competitive prices.Pilotech hopes to grow and develop together with national distributors.

Can you ship to my country? :

We can ship to all the countries around the world via Express,Sea,Air.

How much is the shipping charge to my country? :

The shipping charge depends on your located country and the weight of the package.

How can I track the whole shipping process? :

We will send you a BL tracking number.you can track the whole shipping process on the website.

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