Lab Fluidized Bed Spray Granulation YC-03

The world leading R&D solution for Spary Granulating /Drying / Coating

  • It adopts a new type of inflatable sealing ring to simplify operation and ensure air tightness.
  • YC-03 lab spray granulator new blowback system can effectively improve the granulation yield.
  • Pots with different volumes can be replaced to meet the experimental requirements of different batches of materials.
  • It is suitable for granulation of sticky materials such as sugar, and granulation particle size is uniform.

YC-03 lab spray granulator, capacity is 3KG/ batch, is fluidized bed spray granulation. It is equipped with top spray, side spray and bottom spray, and the top spray has two spray heads which can be switched online. It is suitable for granulation of different granule sizes, with a maximum particle size of 6MM. It has three built-in blowers, with each blower containing three levels of purification functions which are in line with GMP specifications.

YC-03 Fluidized Bed Spray Granulator Principle of granulation: The top spray device consists of a conical material tank and an expansion chamber. The material rises and falls, forming a fluidized motion. In the conical tank the reciprocation of the material brings about a fluidized state like the shape of a fountain. The spray gun sprays liquid evenly onto the material, where liquid bridge is formed, followed by solid bridge, thus bigger granules are made.

YC-03 Fluidized Bed Spray Granulator

The solution for free-flowing granulate from powder

Spray agglomeration in a fluidized bed is a method for shaping that enhances the properties of powders. By spraying in a fluidized bed system, we convert powdery, non-flowing and often poorly soluble particles into free-flowing agglomerate or granulate with outstanding solubility. The method is particularly suitable as a preliminary step for making tablets as well as for manufacturing cleaning agents, drinking powders and instant products.

Spray agglomeration moves very small, powder particles in the fluidized bed where they are sprayed with a binder solution or suspension. Liquid bridges are created that form agglomerates from the particles. Spraying continues until the desired size of the agglomerates is reached.

After the residual moisture in the capillaries and on the surface has evaporated, hollow spaces are created in the granulate while the new structure is solidified throughout by the hardened binder. The lack of kinetic energy in the fluidized bed results in very porous structures with plenty of internal capillaries. The usual size range of the agglomerate is from 100 micrometers to 3 millimeters, while the starting material can be micro-fine.

Because of its porous character and large surface structure, the agglomerate can be moistened significantly better, is very soluble and can be optimally pressed. The dust-free, free-flowing product is easily dosed and optimally further processed. The variable parameters in the process, such as particle size distribution, bulk density or porosity, make it possible to produce a large number of specific particle properties. Completely according to your specifications.

YC-03 Fluidized Bed Spray Granulator Principle of coating: The bottom spray device, a significant breakthrough in coating technology, has made coating of small particle size possible. With the development of the technology, powder as small as 50 µm can be coated. The bottom spray device comprises a conical pot and a guide cylinder. The bottom of the pot has a dual-path air intake structure so as to control the air flow state both inside and outside the guide cylinder. The material in the guide cylinder ascends at a high speed, enters the expansion chamber and falls outside the guide cylinder, which is a cycle that goes repeatedly. The spray nozzle at the center of the guide cylinder atomizes the liquid drops upwardly from the bottom so the liquid drops spread evenly on particle surface and forms patches of coating film. In this process the coating film becomes thicker steadily and dries until the coating process is complete.

1)Convenient operation: Automatic PLC control is adopted for the control system, featured by one button startup, color touch screen operation, and real time modification of the test parameters during testing, such as inlet air temperature, outlet air temperature, material temperature, blow speed, and spray pressure, which is convenient for the user. The touch screen has USB ports, and data can be exported to memories sticks or printed out online;

2) Stable operation: Core components of the equipment, including the touch screen, blower, heater, and control system, are imported, ensuring stable and reliable operation of the equipment;

3)The pot can be replaced with ones of different sizes, which meet the testing demand of various volumes materials;

4) The air inlet is equipped with class 100 purification & filtering device to ensure that the material is free of secondary contamination;

5) The atomizer can be replaced online, which facilitates adjustment and optimization of the test process;

6) The heater, atomizer and the blower are furnished with online alarm functions;

7)Material temperature and inlet air temperature feedback function: With material temperature feedback, inlet air temperature and timing of liquid spray are automatically adjusted and controlled, which ensures stability of the testing process so as to meet the optimum process requirement.

8) New type of pneumatic sealing ring is used, which facilitates operation and ensures gas tightness.

9) New type of backflush system is adopted so as to effectively improve the yield of granulation and coating;

10) In order to meet users’ requirement of adjusting various parameters within the testing range, PID thermostat control technology with real time regulation is adopted for temperature control so that temperature is accurately controlled when experimenting, ensuring stable temperature in the process of granulation and coating.

11) Unique dual control system for air flow inside and outside the guide cylinder: Stepless online adjustment can be performed of the guide cylinder internal and external air flow, as a result even if the pill diameter and/or specific gravity changes in the process of coating and granulation, the fluidization inside and drying outside the cylinder can still be adjusted online to optimum state.

YC-03 Fluidized Bed Spray Granulator Fluidized Bed Spray Granulation Controls & Functionality

YC-03 Fluidized Bed Spray Granulator is designed to ensure that all functions are simple to select and adjust, to quickly achieve the optimum conditions for spray drying. Both use a clear touch screen display , the operator can control the following functions:

  • Inlet Temperature
  • Outlet Temperature
  • Airflow Volume
  • Pump Speed

Trusted by the users Over 1,500 domestic customers of top universities, enterprises and research institutes use our mini spray dryer/granulator. And exported to more than 40 countries & regions such as the United States, Italy, South Korea, Mexico,Singapore, Canada, Malaysia, Chile and Russia etc.

YC-03 Fluidized Bed Spray Granulator can be used in a wide range of applications where the production of a free-flowing powder sample is required.This technique has successfully processed materials in the

following areas:

  • Oxide Blood Polymers and Resins
  • Beverages Flavours & Colourings
  • Milk & Egg Products Plant & Vegetable Extracts
  • Pharmaceuticals Heat Sensitive Materials
  • Plastics Perfumes Dyestuffs
  • Ceramics & Advanced Materials
  • Soaps & Detergents Textiles
  • Foodstuffs Adhesives
  • Bones, Teeth & Tooth Amalgam and many others
Sr.noParameterPilotech YC-03 spray granulator
1FunctionSpray granulator, coating, fluid bed drying,mixing
2Spray granulator capacityMax. 3000g/batch
3Minimum sample volume150g
4granulator temperature40-150⁰C
5Compressed air1-4 Bar
6CoatingMax. 3000g/batch
7MixingMax. 3000g/batch
8Nozzle typeTwo fluid nozzle
9Nozzle jet0.7mm standard/(1.0/1.5/2.0mm available)
10Airflow0-150 mᶟ/h
11Peristaltic pumpMax. 3000ml/h
12Main chamber volume30L
13Heater power6KW
14Main chamber materialSUS304 Stainless steel
15Body materialSUS304 Stainless steel
16Seal of cyclone/cylinderSilicone
18Operation modeAutomatic/Manual
19Display7-Inch LCD display ,USB port

Which kinds of products do you have? :

Our main products are: mini spray dryer, mini UHT sterilizer, lab multi-functional extracting tank, laboratory Inert Loop spray dryer, laboratory low-temperature spray dryer (vacuum spray dryer), laboratory spray freeze dryer, laboratory spray granulator (spray drying & spray granulating all-in-one) as well as small and pilot composite production line for drinks, milk, yogurt and powder, combined with complete laborato

Do all the products have operating interface and operating manual in English? :

Yes, all our equipment provide operation interface in English, and if necessary, we can also provide the user’s native language, and all products are available in English operating instructions; if necessary, we can also provide the user’s desired language version. In addition, there are are operating videos for our products for the convenience of customers to use.

Do you have E-catalogue? :

Yes, you can send your inquiry to our email:, we will send it to you ASAP.

How is the sales service of company’s products? :

We offer one-year warranty for all the products, and for products within the warranty period, we provide free services for all non-human damages. After the warranty expires, we will only pay the cost.

How is the stability and durability of the company’s products? :

The company has been established for 10 years, and 90 percent of products have been adopted in Chinese colleges and universities. The first produced products have still used by customers currently, and the products are very durable. In China, before the purchase of equipment, many teachers in the university will carefully listen to the views of colleagues on usage. Pilotech Equipment has good performance and stability and achieved a good reputation, and the purchases of numerous new customers are recommended by old customers.

As for the foreign market, what kind of policy that Pilotech has on dealers? :

Pilotech welcoms the dealers to sell our products, and we will provide dealers with strong technical support and competitive prices.Pilotech hopes to grow and develop together with national distributors.

Can you ship to my country? :

We can ship to all the countries around the world via Express,Sea,Air.

How much is the shipping charge to my country? :

The shipping charge depends on your located country and the weight of the package.

How can I track the whole shipping process? :

We will send you a BL tracking can track the whole shipping process on the website.

Frequently, only small quantities of expensive products are available for research, development,universities and technical colleges. But sometimes less is more –with Mini Fluidized Bed Spray Granulation YC-03.
Developed by Shanghai Pilotech Instrument & Equipment Co., Ltd., YC-03 laboratory spray granulator (fluidized bed granulation) combines spray dehydration and granulation focusing on large particles powder granulation in laboratory.

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