Pilotech Spray Dryer for Detergent Powder

  • Optional processing capacity of 500ML/H,1500ML/H and 3500ML/H.
  • The drying chamber can be made of high borosilicate glass for the observation of the experimental process, or stainless steel for durability.
  • Touch screen operation, English interface, PLC control, easy to operate.
  • Provide detailed instruction video, even new operator can also operate very well.

Pilotech Lab & Pilot Scale Spray Dryer Equipment for Detergent Powder

Pilotech Spray Dryer for Detergent Powder is suitable for a small amount of washing powder preparation and washing powder new product development in the laboratory, as well as testing the stability of washing powder additives. It has been successfully applied in the research and development departments of many washing powder manufacturers, with stable operation, long service life, and high recovery rate.



Pilotech Spray Dryer for Detergent Powder: The Complete Buying Guide

Shanghai Pilotech lab spray dryer is widely used in the field of spray drying for detergent powder. Our Spray Dryers for Detergent Powder have been sold to the R&D departments in over 60 companies, including Liby, DIAO PAI Washing Powder, Unilever, Yu Mei Jing, and so on.

Pilotech provides air-flowing type Spray Dryers for Detergent Powder featuring four main advantages: 1) Small size, taking up an area of no more than 1 square meter; 2) Low energy consumption, the power varies from 1.5KW to 5KW according to specific treatment capacity; 3) High recovery ratio, up to 90%; 4) Low noise, no impact on working environment.

Pilotech Spray Dryer for Detergent Powder offers three options of treatment capacity, 500ML/H, 1500ML/H and 3500ML/H. 500ML/H is bench-top spray dryer with small size and the lowest treatment capacity. It is perfect for handling micro samples (such as 20 ML). 3500ML/H is suitable for pilot scale test.

Pilotech Spray Dryer for Detergent Powder is available for adjustments based on actual experiment or production demands, and producing powder of porous structure and good solubility.

To ensure stable and reliable equipment operation, the components of our spray dryer for detergent powder are all supplied by well-known international brands. The PLC and touch screen are produced by Delta. Delta has many service points across the globe. The blower, air compressor, peristaltic pump and other components are also purchased from famous brands.

Pilotech lab spray dryers are extensively applied in many industries, such as pharmacy, food, chemical engineering, battery, pigment, dye, high molecular materials, papermaking, biology, and so on.

We have 15 years’ experience of producing Spray Dryer for Detergent Powder. Many users bought our spray dryer products over 10 years ago and their equipment still function stably even today.

We have recorded detailed tutorial videos for your reference. By following the guides in our tutorial videos, you can surely command the operation essentials of our spray dryer products.

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Spray Dryer For Detergent Powder: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Choosing a suitable spray dryer for detergent powder can be an overwhelming task.

A reason this guide will answer all questions you have been asking about these spray drying machines.

Let’s dive right in.

Why Should You Invest In Spray Dryer For Detergent Powder?

A spray dryer facilitates your detergent’s drying process, ensuring you have quality products for the market. Apart from that, these machine offers other benefits such as:

Increases Production

Using a spray dryer for your detergent powder eliminates the need for other conventional methods. In addition, this facilitates the production process since the machine quickly dries your detergent.

The availability of these machines in different capacities allows you to purchase one which fits your production.

It Gives Control Of Your Production

This machine allows you to produce a variety of your product. You achieve this by adjusting the controls of your machine to produce the detergent powder your desire.


The use of a spray dryer for detergent powder prolongs the lifespan of your detergents. This makes it easier to reach far markets and also maximize profits.

Cost Reduction

Using a spray dryer for detergent powder reduces the overall cost of operation. This includes the resources that you have to spend drying your product.

You also reduce the storage space since the product is in powder form.

Spray dryer for detergent powder

Spray dryer for detergent powder

What Are The Features Of The Best Spray Dryer For Detergent Powder?

An effective spray dryer for detergent powder should produce quality products while ensuring you get value for money. Among the feature you need to consider when selecting one for your use include:

Quality Standard

An ideal spray dryer for detergent powder should have all the quality standards necessary for its functioning. Naturally, you can only get such a dryer from a reputable manufacturer.

Power Rating

The importance of this feature is it determines the output requirement of your industry. For example, an ideal dryer should not exceed the total power output for it to function appropriately.

Drying Capacity

The drying capacity should correspond to your total production. This allows your dryer to function at an optimum level.

It also ensures maximum drying of your detergent, thus preventing product wastage.


The spray dryer for a detergent powder that you select should fit into the available space in your industry. Such fitting should consider maintenance and operating space.

You also should consider the weight of the machine before purchasing.

Nozzle Diameter

The nozzle diameter determines the size of powder particles you want for your detergent. Specifying on this facilitates the production process while reducing product waste.

You can opt to have different nozzle diameters if you want to produce different powder particles.

What Are The Main Components Of Spray Dryer For Detergent Powder?

Parts of spray dryer fordetergent powder

Parts of spray dryer for detergent powder

A spray dryer for detergent powder has different components which work harmoniously to ensure quality products. The main parts of this machine are:

Air Filter

The purpose of this component is to prevent contamination of the detergent powder. This is by filtering dirt and other combustible material which are present in the air.

Due to its function, you have to replace this part for quality filtering frequently.

Intake Fan

The intake fan work is to drive the outside air into the spray dryer. It is usually on below the air filter.

The intake fan pushes the air with pressure into the dryer for its functioning.

Heat Source

The hating source is responsible for heating the air that is flowing into the spray dryer.  This can either be directly or indirectly.

Direct heating involves air passing through the heat source. Indirect heating involves fluid heating fluid such as water which then heats the air.

Feed Source

The feed source is the entry point for the detergent that you want to spray dry. In some models, you heat the feed source to reduce the viscosity of your detergent.


This is the point where the transformation of the detergent takes place into tiny droplets. Then, the atomization process takes place through passing hot air, which heats the droplets.

For the atomization process to work efficiently, you have to consider the number and dimensions of the inlet.

Drying Chamber

The function of this chamber is to dry the tiny droplet to form the required powder content. Thus, the main activity that takes place here is dry spraying which ensures quality powder production.

Control Panel

The control panel is a safe extension on the exterior of your machine that consists of knobs and buttons. It is from here that you adjust the working parameters of your machine.


The number of nozzles varies depending on the design of your spray dryer for a detergent powder machine. They are the channels through which hot air flows during the atomization process.

Different types of nozzles offer different drying powder particles.

How Does Detergent Powder Spray Dryer Work?

The working of a detergent powder spray dryer depends on its various parts. The starting point is the feeding source where you introduce your products.

The product should be in liquid form and of high viscosity, which facilitates the atomization process. The solution flows to the atomization chamber.

The atomization chamber is where there is the transformation of the solution into tiny droplets. Different atomizers offer different droplets resulting in different powder products.

Standard atomizers that you can use are ultrasonic nozzles, pressure nozzles, and rotating disk nozzles.

After atomization, the next step is to dry the droplets in the drying chamber through heating.

Heating involves the passing of hot air on the droplets at a given temperature. There are two ways of achieving this directly or indirectly.

Direct heating involves passing hot air or an inert gas over the droplets. However, this is not a common practice due to the possibility of contaminating your product.

In indirect heating, heat passes through a heat exchanger system which in turn heats the droplets. It is an ideal method since it allows for heat recycling which reduces overall cost.

There is also no contamination of your product since the product does not come into contact with the hot air.

What Are The Steps Of Operating Spray Dryer For Detergent Powder?

The different steps of operating a spray dryer for detergent powder ensure its smooth functioning. It also guarantees your machine will function at an optimum operating level.

These steps include:


Checking I there is proper installation is the starting point for operating this spray dryer. Next, you have to inspect your machine and ensure all the parts are in perfect shape and functioning as per your manufacturer’s guidelines.

Proper Power Plugging

You have to insert the power plug in the correct socket and ensure you switch it on. This gives your machine the power it needs to start operating.

You can turn on the power and see if the machine is starting correctly.

Setting The Controls

The functioning of this machine depends on the parameters that you set. For example, you have to set controls for ring fan circulating air volume and the temperature of the gas.

The circulating air volume ranges between 20% and 100%, and that of the gas temperature should range between +5 degrees and C-240 degrees. You can then turn on the controls for these after setting the controls.

Rotary Switch

The next step is to turn on the rotary switch and adjust the controls.  The rotary switch facilitates the mixing of your product resulting in a uniform mixture.

You can adjust the rotary speed depending on the quantity of your product and the desired mixture.


The adjusting phase is where you have to play with the different controls depending on the desired outcome. For instance, you can adjust the air compressor and the pressure level.

This facilitates the atomization process and ensures you have the correct powder particles.

You then have to wait for the atomization process to finish.

How Do You Control Particle Size Using Different Types Of Atomizers For Spray Dryer Machine for Detergent Powder?

The different atomizers have different ways of controlling the particle size of your product.

You, therefore, have to understand which atomizer you are using and which parameters to adjust to control the particle size.

Types of atomizers available are:

Atomizers for spray drying machine

Atomizers for spray drying machine

Rotary Atomizer

The working of this atomizer depends on the centrifugal force and speed.

In addition, the atomization and particle formation process depends on the feed rate.

It also depends on the peripheral speed atomization wheel design and liquid viscosity. You can adjust particle size by adjusting the peripheral speed.

This depends on you want larger or smaller particle sizes.

Two-Fluid Nozzle Atomizer

The working of this atomizer depends on compressed gas or air, which impacts the liquid feed. Controlling the particle size here involves changing the low ratio of the nozzle between the feed and atomization gas.

The use of this nozzle is common if your detergent powder is heat sensitive.

Pressure Nozzle Atomizer

The atomization process here depends on the rate of pressure energy conversion present in the concentration into kinetic energy.

You can operate the pressure nozzle either in fountain atomization or co-currently.

The control of the particle size involves varying the nozzle size and the feed pressure.

Which Are The Three Modes Of Operating Two-Fluid Nozzle And Pressure Nozzle Of Detergent Powder Spray Drying Machine?

The three modes of operating a two-fluid nozzle and pressure nozzle of detergent powder spray drying machines are:

Fountain Mode

The operation of the fountain mode is near similar to that of a co-current mode. However, the point at which the fluid nozzle and pressure nozzles rise is the difference.

The pressure nozzle and fluid nozzle can originate in different points of the atomization chamber. Therefore, proper production depends on the speed of the nozzles and solution flow.

Counter-current Mode

In counter-current mode, the functioning of the two-fluid nozzle and pressure nozzle is on the opposite ends. This results in fine powder formation.

It is an ideal method for drying detergents that are heat sensitive. However, you have to regulate the pressure and the fluid nozzle to achieve the desired results.

Co-current Mode

In co-current mode, both the working of the two-fluid and pressure nozzle is in the same direction. This forms fine granules of detergent powder.

For proper functioning of this flow, you have to check on the speed of the fluid flow and pressure of the pressure nozzle. It is an ideal method to use if you want fine, coarse particles as the end products.

It is also the best option to use when you are producing heat-sensitive detergent.

How Does the Atomizer Type Impact the Particle Size in Spray Dryer for Detergent Powder?

The different atomizers offer different particle sizes depending on factors affecting their particle production.

For instance, two-fluid nozzles often result in coarse particle production.

Particle production under a pressure nozzle is usually coarse and has a narrow distribution. On the other hand, a rotary atomizer produces fine particles which are free-flowing.

However, the manufacturing of these particles depends on the adjusting factors of the individual atomizer.

Spray dryer machine for detergent powder

Spray dryer machine for detergent powder

Which Are The Possible Detergent Powder Spray Dryer Configurations?

Possible detergent powder spray dryer configurations vary depending on the final product output. Therefore, you can adjust the controls to meet your production requirements.

However, while adjusting, you have to consider the optimum operating levels of your machine.

Which Are The Available Cleaning Solutions For Spray Dryer For Detergent Powder?

There are different cleaning solutions for your spray dryer for detergent powder.

The choice of which one to use depends on different factors.

For instance, you have to consider the cost of a particular method. You also have to consider the cleanliness level of your dryer.

The common types of cleaning solutions are:


Manual involves the use of human resources to clean your machine.

This is a long and slow process of cleaning your machine.
It involves disassembling certain parts to clean them efficiently.

When using this method, you have to put your manufacturer’s guidelines into considerations.

For instance, you need to switch off the machine and use the required cleaning mechanisms. This minimizes damage to the machine.

This method is the best if your machine is relatively smaller and can reach all the machine’s parts.


Semi-automatic utilizes both human resources and automation. You have to disassemble certain parts for proper cleaning under this method.
Automation cleaning here involves cleaning the hard-to-reach areas of your machines.

First, however, you need to ensure you use the correct cleaning solution to minimize contamination and machine breakdown.

Semi-automatic cleaning is ideal for cleaning larger spray dryers for detergent powder.

This is because it is challenging to clean specific areas of such a machine manually.


This type of cleaning is automated and requires minor human intervention.

Depending on the setting and operation time, the machine automatically cleans itself.

It is the best method to use if you have a large machine that you cannot clean manually. The advantage of this method is it reduces the overall cleaning time.

This is important in reducing the downtime of your machine and increasing production.

Whichever method you select, you must consider your manufacturer’s guidelines.

This prevents the malfunctioning of your machines during operation.

How Does Pulse Drying Work In Spray Dryers For Detergent Powder?

The working of a pulse drying in a spray dryer for detergent powder depends on a pulse combustion burner.

The burner is responsible for atomizing your product and introducing a carrier to the dryer.

Efficiency depends on the ability of the burner to produce high-frequency heating within it.

This is because amplification of the gas occurs in a resonating chamber, creating a critical wave in the atomization process.

Spray dryers with pulse drying technology usually have a lower residence time.

What Are The Safety Features Of Spray Dryer For Detergent Powder?

Safety features of a spray dryer for detergent powder exist to ensure there is maximum protection. This is to both the operator of the machine and the production process.

Safety features available for your spray dryer for detergent powder are:

Explosion Membrane

The explosion membrane is explosion-proof and prevents the dryer from exploding, which can be dangerous. This is mainly in the atomization unit, which works under high pressure and heat.

Flame Arrester System

The flame arrester system prevents the dryer from heating up, which can lead to a fire. This is a vital element in the heating chamber of your dryer.

Plant Inert

This feature helps in maintaining the plant in an inert state even after all the operations. This is vital is dryer stabilization and proper working.

How Do You Ensure Noise And Emission Control In Spray Dryer For Detergent Powder?

You have to check if all the parts are functioning correctly to regulate noise and emissions.

Loose and worn-out parts often cause an increase in the noise and emission levels of this machine.

Do You Supply Small-Scale Spray Dryer For Detergent Powder?

Detergent powder spray dryer

Detergent powder spray drying machine

Yes. We do supply small-scale spray dryers for detergent powder. So get in touch with us today and let us supply you with these dryers that meet your specification.

All you have to do is to give us all the specifications for your small-scale spray dryer for detergent powder. We then organize the supplying logistics for the product to reach you.

However, you have to pay for the additional expenses of the machine reaching your destination.

How Do You Solve The Common Problems During Operation Of Spray Dryer For Detergent Powder?

Solving common issues arising during the operation of your spray dryer for detergent powder depends on the cause problem. Some of the common ways of solving these issues include:

Improper Wiring

Improper wiring during the installation problem causes your machine not to work.

Such an issue can also result in severe damage to your machine.

The proper way of solving such an issue is by ensuring you install the machine as per your manufacturer’s guidelines.

If you are not sure of the procedure, you can engage you’re professional to assist you.

Heating Problems

Failure by your machine to heat up affects your detergent powder’s drying capacity and its quality. This problem can arise due to several reasons.

For instance, it can be due to failure to connect the heating circuit or connect it the wrong way. Another reason is when the fuse of the circuit blows.

The solution to this problem is to check on the connection of the heating circuit. You also have to check on the fuse and, if possible, replace it with an original spare.

Nozzle Problems

Nozzles are critical in the atomization process. However, they may fail to work when the products accumulate around the openings, thereby blocking them.

Solving such a problem involves cleaning these openings after every use.

This removes the product remnants ensuring the openings work efficiently.

Cleaning also prevents product contamination.

Friction Issues

Friction issues cause wear and tear of the parts of your machine.

It also increases power consumption due to the movement energy of these parts.

You can solve this problem by lubricating these parts frequently using an ideal lubricant.

Which Are The Complementary Machines You Can Integrate With Detergent Powder Spray Dryer In A Detergent Production Line?

There are different complementary machines that you can use alongside your detergent powder spray dryer.

This depends on your production processes and product end desire.

Such machines are:

Dissolving Machines

Dissolving machines are critical in ensuring the ingredients are in liquid form before feeding them into the drying machine.

You can have different dissolving machines depending on the types of raw materials.

For instance, you can have dissolving machines for caustic soda and sodium silicate materials.

Mixing Machine

This machine is vital in giving a uniform solution to your product.

After dissolving all the materials, you can pass it through the mixing machine for uniformity before introducing the solution to your drying machine.

Packaging Machines

How you want your product to appear in the market is critical. It can attract or chase away potential customers.

Integrating a packaging machine is one of the ways of making your product unique and attractive. Packaging machines are available in different variants depending on your specifications.

For instance, you can have a packaging machine that has a printing section. This facilitates the labeling of your machine.

What Is The Drying Chamber Capacity Of Your Spray Dryer For Detergent Powder?

A spray dryer for detergent powder has different drying chamber capacities.

Therefore, it would help if you considered your production capacities when selecting one for your use.

The advantage of this is a reliable manufacturer can customize a drying chamber that fits your production capacity.

Why Is Insulation Necessary In Spray Dryers For Detergent Powder?

Insulation is necessary for this machine to minimize heat levels surrounding the machine.

This helps in the proper functioning of the machine and facilitates an efficient working environment for operators.

What Are The Limitations Of Detergent Powder Spray Drying Machines?

There are two main limitations that you experience with a detergent powder spray drying machine. That is:


The initial cost of purchasing this machine is relatively high.

In addition, it’s operating and maintenance cost is also high.

This calls for adequate financial preparation before purchasing this machine.

However, the overall cost is low compared to the cost of drying with other means.

Incompatibility With Solid Products

It is impossible to dry solid detergent using this machine.

This limits the production capacity and products that you can manufacture.

That can be a challenge if you are producing other types of detergent for your customers.

In such a case, you have to purchase other drying machines for such products.

Why Is Nozzle Stress Compliance Crucial In Detergent Powder Spray Dryers?

Nozzle stress compliance is crucial in detergent powder spray dryers since it facilitates its efficient operation.

The compliance ensures these nozzles are capable of functioning at the machine’s maximum operating pressure.

Such compliance also prevents the risk of failure of your machine, which is essential in its durability.

What Are Some Of The Maintenance Tips For Spray Dryer For Detergent Powder?

Some of the maintenance that you can use on your spray dryer for detergent power include:


Cleaning the dryer after every production process maintains its hygienic condition. It also allows you to remove debris that gets stuck along the conveyor belts, hindering its movement.

You must clean the dryer using the prescribed by your manufacturer.


Lubrication minimizes the friction of the moving parts of your spray dryer for detergent powder. Friction can have adverse effects on your machine, leading you to replace your machine’s different parts frequently.

Regular Inspections

Regularly checking on the machine can help in the early diagnosis of your machine. You can do this during the operation of your machine or when the machine is idle.

Checking for any malfunctioning of the different parts.

In case of any, you need to replace these parts early enough to avoid further damage to your machine

It would be best if you used the original spares when replacing worn-out parts.

At Pilotech, we guarantee high performance and reliable spray dryer for detergent powder – talk to us now.

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