Pilotech Spray Dryer for Detergent Powder

  • Optional processing capacity of 500ML/H,1500ML/H and 3500ML/H.
  • The drying chamber can be made of high borosilicate glass for the observation of the experimental process, or stainless steel for durability.
  • Touch screen operation, English interface, PLC control, easy to operate.
  • Provide detailed instruction video, even new operator can also operate very well.

Pilotech Lab & Pilot Scale Spray Dryer Equipment for Detergent Powder

Pilotech Spray Dryer for Detergent Powder is suitable for a small amount of washing powder preparation and washing powder new product development in the laboratory, as well as testing the stability of washing powder additives. It has been successfully applied in the research and development departments of many washing powder manufacturers, with stable operation, long service life, and high recovery rate.



Pilotech Spray Dryer for Detergent Powder : The Complete Buying Guide

Shanghai Pilotech lab spray dryer is widely used in the field of spray drying for detergent powder. Our Spray Dryers for Detergent Powder have been sold to the R&D departments in over 60 companies, including Liby, DIAO PAI Washing Powder, Unilever, Yu Mei Jing, and so on.

Pilotech provides air-flowing type Spray Dryers for Detergent Powder featuring four main advantages: 1) Small size, taking up an area of no more than 1 square meter; 2) Low energy consumption, the power varies from 1.5KW to 5KW according to specific treatment capacity; 3) High recovery ratio, up to 90%; 4) Low noise, no impact on working environment.

Pilotech Spray Dryer for Detergent Powder offers three options of treatment capacity, 500ML/H, 1500ML/H and 3500ML/H. 500ML/H is bench-top spray dryer with small size and the lowest treatment capacity. It is perfect for handling micro samples (such as 20 ML). 3500ML/H is suitable for pilot scale test.

Pilotech Spray Dryer for Detergent Powder is available for adjustments based on actual experiment or production demands, and producing powder of porous structure and good solubility.

To ensure stable and reliable equipment operation, the components of our spray dryer for detergent powder are all supplied by well-known international brands. The PLC and touch screen are produced by Delta. Delta has many service points across the globe. The blower, air compressor, peristaltic pump and other components are also purchased from famous brands.

Pilotech lab spray dryers are extensively applied in many industries, such as pharmacy, food, chemical engineering, battery, pigment, dye, high molecular materials, papermaking, biology, and so on.

We have 15 years’ experience of producing Spray Dryer for Detergent Powder. Many users bought our spray dryer products over 10 years ago and their equipment still function stably even today.

We have recorded detailed tutorial videos for your reference. By following the guides in our tutorial videos, you can surely command the operation essentials of our spray dryer products.

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