YC-02 Mini UHT Sterilizer for Milk & Beverage

  • Complete simulation of ultra-high temperature sterilization of dairy and beverage production in the laboratory
  • Processing capacity is 20L/H, the minimum material volume is 3~5L.
  • Experimental data can be copied directly to a USB flash disk.
  • Used by more than 500 university research institutes and dairy & beverage companies in the world.

Pilotech YC-02 Mini UHT Sterilizer for Milk & Beverage

YC-02 mini UHT Sterilizer perfectly realizes the ultra-high temperature sterilization process of beverage and dairy in the laboratory.

The maximum sterilization temperature is up to 150°C, and there is tube type, plate type, tube-plate combination type, online CIP and SIP, touch screen control, easy to operate, equipped with an online aseptic filling chamber.

Sr.noParameterPilotech YC-02 uht sterilizer
1Power13KW ,380V ,50/60Hz
4Rated capacity20-25l/h
5Min. sample3-5L
5Max. heating temperature150⁰C
6Cooling temperaturenormal temperature  or 5⁰C(optional)
7Heating unitHeat hot water recirculators
8Temperature controlPID control
9Heating precision±0.5⁰C
10Sterilizing time3s 5s 10s 30s   300s(optional)
11System pressure10Bar
12SterilizeSIP an option for aseptic sampling
13CleanCIP( 400LPH)
14Outlet temperatureadjustable
16Operation modeAutomatic/Manual
17USB connectorYes
18Body materialSUS304 Stainless steel
19Filling systemSterile cabinet(optional)
20Filtering membraneHEPA (filter efficiency 99.99%)
21PET bottlesuitable
22Jacketed filling device10L(5L)
23Filling valveAir operated filling device
24Ozone generating systemoptional
25Material touch partSUS316L
26Operation modeAutomatic/Manual
27Display7-Inch LCD display

UHT Sterilizer

In the production of beverages and dairy products, an ultra-high temperature sterilization process (UHT Sterilizer) is carried out before packaging, which is the most common sterilization method for hot filling. However, if you develop some new products in the laboratory, problem begins when you want to use ultra-high temperature sterilization (UHT Sterilizer).

How can you get the same laboratory equipment as the ultra-high temperature sterilization process in the industrial production? Pilotech YC-02 UHT Sterilizer will solve this problem for you.

It mimics the industrial production process with a few samples for each time. That is to say, you can do an experiment for 5L samples so that you don’t need to prepare a large amount of samples for an experiment.

The rated flow rate of our UHT Sterilizer is 20L/H and the maximum sterilization temperature is 150℃.

If you are in the food additive industry, Pilotech YC-02 UHT Sterilizer should be the standard configuration in your laboratory.

You can use it as an additive stability test and help your customers make choices, such as the choice of color, the flavor and the determination of shelf life and so on. Of course, if you work in the R&D department in Beverage Dairy, you can use our UHT sterilizer to make some samples, develop new products, and test new products.

If you work in college, Pilotech YC-02 UHT Sterilizer is also very suitable for you: we use touch screen with USB interface and your data can be copied to your computer via USB. The data can be in EXCEL format so it will be very labor-saving when you write a thesis.

We have an aseptic filling chamber for the UHT Sterilizer, and your samples can be filled into PET bottles so that the new products you develop can be displayed to customers. Pilotech UHT Sterilizer and aseptic filling room are all wheeled, so you can easily move it to any position. As a result, many users call it a production line for small-scale mobile beverage dairy.

We will carry out the test with 20L of milk and 20L of juice on each YC-02 UHT Sterilizer before shipment, to test each temperature control point of the sterilization machine, and detect the microbial indicators of the materials after the sterilization. We will ensure that all the indicators are in line with the requirement before we arrange shipment to you.

We have been producing UHT Sterilizer equipment for more than 15 years, and more than 300 users are using it. We have written a detailed English operation manual and made a teaching video for you.

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