YC-02 Mini UHT Sterilizer for Milk & Beverage

  • Complete simulation of ultra-high temperature sterilization of dairy and beverage production in the laboratory
  • Processing capacity is 20L/H, the minimum material volume is 3~5L.
  • Experimental data can be copied directly to a USB flash disk.
  • Used by more than 500 university research institutes and dairy & beverage companies in the world.

Pilotech YC-02 Mini UHT Sterilizer for Milk & Beverage

YC-02 mini UHT Sterilizer perfectly realizes the ultra-high temperature sterilization process of beverage and dairy in the laboratory.

The maximum sterilization temperature is up to 150°C, and there is tube type, plate type, tube-plate combination type, online CIP and SIP, touch screen control, easy to operate, equipped with an online aseptic filling chamber.

Sr.noParameterPilotech YC-02 uht sterilizer
1Power13KW ,380V ,50/60Hz
4Rated capacity20-25l/h
5Min. sample3-5L
5Max. heating temperature150⁰C
6Cooling temperaturenormal temperature  or 5⁰C(optional)
7Heating unitHeat hot water recirculators
8Temperature controlPID control
9Heating precision±0.5⁰C
10Sterilizing time3s 5s 10s 30s   300s(optional)
11System pressure10Bar
12SterilizeSIP an option for aseptic sampling
13CleanCIP( 400LPH)
14Outlet temperatureadjustable
16Operation modeAutomatic/Manual
17USB connectorYes
18Body materialSUS304 Stainless steel
19Filling systemSterile cabinet(optional)
20Filtering membraneHEPA (filter efficiency 99.99%)
21PET bottlesuitable
22Jacketed filling device10L(5L)
23Filling valveAir operated filling device
24Ozone generating systemoptional
25Material touch partSUS316L
26Operation modeAutomatic/Manual
27Display7-Inch LCD display

UHT Sterilizer

In the production of beverages and dairy products, an ultra-high temperature sterilization process (UHT Sterilizer) is carried out before packaging, which is the most common sterilization method for hot filling. However, if you develop some new products in the laboratory, problem begins when you want to use ultra-high temperature sterilization (UHT Sterilizer).

How can you get the same laboratory equipment as the ultra-high temperature sterilization process in the industrial production? Pilotech YC-02 UHT Sterilizer will solve this problem for you.

It mimics the industrial production process with a few samples for each time. That is to say, you can do an experiment for 5L samples so that you don’t need to prepare a large amount of samples for an experiment.

The rated flow rate of our UHT Sterilizer is 20L/H and the maximum sterilization temperature is 150℃.

If you are in the food additive industry, Pilotech YC-02 UHT Sterilizer should be the standard configuration in your laboratory.

You can use it as an additive stability test and help your customers make choices, such as the choice of color, the flavor and the determination of shelf life and so on. Of course, if you work in the R&D department in Beverage Dairy, you can use our UHT sterilizer to make some samples, develop new products, and test new products.

If you work in college, Pilotech YC-02 UHT Sterilizer is also very suitable for you: we use touch screen with USB interface and your data can be copied to your computer via USB. The data can be in EXCEL format so it will be very labor-saving when you write a thesis.

We have an aseptic filling chamber for the UHT Sterilizer, and your samples can be filled into PET bottles so that the new products you develop can be displayed to customers. Pilotech UHT Sterilizer and aseptic filling room are all wheeled, so you can easily move it to any position. As a result, many users call it a production line for small-scale mobile beverage dairy.

We will carry out the test with 20L of milk and 20L of juice on each YC-02 UHT Sterilizer before shipment, to test each temperature control point of the sterilization machine, and detect the microbial indicators of the materials after the sterilization. We will ensure that all the indicators are in line with the requirement before we arrange shipment to you.

We have been producing UHT Sterilizer equipment for more than 15 years, and more than 300 users are using it. We have written a detailed English operation manual and made a teaching video for you.

If you want to know more about YC-02 UHT Sterilizer, contact us now!


Mini UHT Sterilizer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

All information you’re looking for about mini UHT sterilizer is right here.

From definition, parts, classification, working principle to features – you will find everything about mini UHT sterilizer right here.

Keep reading to learn more.

What is a Mini UHT Sterilizer?

Mini UHT Sterilizers are lab scale food processing equipment that uses ultra-high temperatures to eliminate almost all harmful micro-organism.

They almost sterilize the food before packaging by heating it to temperatures exceeding 135 degrees Celsius.

Mini UHT Sterilization Machine

 Mini UHT Sterilization Machine

What is UHT sterilization?

UHT sterilization is a process where you will use very high or ultra-high temperatures to sterilize food. You will heat liquid food to very high temperatures that can go beyond 135 degrees centigrade.

At such high temperatures, UHT sterilization is capable of killing almost all the harmful micro-organisms and bacteria. The UHT treatment runs for about 2 to 5 seconds.

You can employ the process in sterilizing milk and other liquid food such as juices, soy-milk, and wine among others.

What are the Components of Mimi UHT Sterilizer?

There are different types of Mini UHT sterilizers that you can choose from.

Among the different types of UHT sterilizer is the tubular Mini UHT sterilizer that performs the sterilization process.

Here are the main components of the tubular mini-UHT sterilizer that enhance its efficiency.

Product Balance Tank

This is the part of the sterilizer where you will add all the components that you would like to sterilize.

It comes complete with a level control which will determine the level where the products you want to sterilize reaches.

Centrifuge Pump

You must also confirm that the mini-UHT pump has a centrifuge pump that will help in the CIP and SIP processes.

It will also come in handy in the pumping of food products from the product balance tank to the sterilization unit.

Hot Water Centrifuge Pump

You should also consider looking at the hot water centrifuge pump as a component of the mini-UHT sterilizer.

It is the component of the sterilizer that will pump hot water that you will need for the sterilization process.

Hot Water Tank

This is the part of the sterilizer where you will fill the sterilization liquid or hot water that perform the sterilization process.

It is available in different capacities depending on the size of the mini UHT sterilizer machine.


You will use the flowmeter on the mini-UHT sterilizer to help in telling the amount of flow within the device. It will provide details on the quantity of hot water as well as the quantity of products flowing through for sterilization.

Heat Exchanger

This is a special type of tube that will exchange heat from the hot water and use it to sterilize the products.

It will ensure that the device does not lose the heat and maintains its sterilization power thus killing bacteria.

Steam Control Valve

You will also have the steam control valve system to help in controlling the flow of steam through the sterilizers. It will only allow a certain amount of heat to pass through the valve at a time in accordance to the system configuration.

Frequency Converters

You will also need the frequency converters which will convert or control the frequency levels on the device.

It will determine the frequency or the rate at which the mini-UHT sterilizers destroy the bacteria in the food products.

Control Panel

It also comes complete with a control panel that has a human machine interface and programmable logic control systems.  You will use the control panel to program and monitor the whole sterilization process of the mini-UHT sterilizers.

Electric Control System

You will use the electric control system to control the amount of power flowing through the mini-UHT sterilizer. It has various circuits and switches that you can use to control the flow of electric current and also shut it down.

Transport System

These are the parts of the mini-UHT sterilizers that you will use to transport the products and the steam for sterilization. It consists of pipes, bends, valves, internal signal wires, as well as the programing and engineering aspect.

How Does the Mini UHT Sterilizer Work?

Operating the mini-UHT sterilizer is a very simple process because most of the operations are automatic.

Here is a step-by-step process that you can follow when operating the mini-UHT sterilizers.

Multifunctional Mini UHT Sterilizer

Multifunctional Mini UHT Sterilizer

Step One: Preparation of the System

First, you will begin the process by ensuring that your mini-UHT sterilizer is in perfect working condition.

After that, you will ensure that the products you would like to sterilize and the hot water are available.

You can fill the product balance tank with the food product such as milk and the hot-water tank with hot water.

Before the sterilization process begins, you will program the machine at the control panel.

Step Two: Sterilization Process

As soon as you press the start button, the products will move from the product balance tank through the transport system.  As it flows through the valves, you will notice that the flowmeter will record the quantity of flow.

On the other hand, the heat exchanger will ensure that the hot water is boiling at over 135 degrees centigrade. It will release the hot boiling water which will go through the valves all the way to the sterilization chamber.

At the sterilization chamber, the steam will meet the product and kill almost all the bacteria within 2-5 seconds. As it does that, the sterilized product will flow into another tank as it awaits the packaging process.

How Long Does the UHT Sterilization Process Take?

UHT sterilization is an instant process that kills all the micro-organisms in liquid food products within 2 to 5 seconds.

You will not operate the machine for long periods thus saving on the cost of energy hence lower production costs.

What is the Significance of UHT Sterilization on Liquid Products?

Well, UHT sterilization is the best sterilization process that you can use in sterilizing liquid products.

It will ensure that it gets rid of all the harmful micro-organisms within the liquid food products.

You can use the sterilization process to get the most out of the liquid food by making it safe.

In addition to that, it will ensure that the sterilization process does not damage the useful food components.

As much as it kills the harmful micro-organisms, it will help preserve the useful nutrients in the food products.

In other words, you will be consuming liquid products that are full of nutrients and free of harmful micro-organisms.

What Products Can You Sterilize Using the Mini UHT Sterilizer?

The main products that you will sterilize using the mini-UHT sterilizers are liquid food products.

There are quite a number of liquid food products that you can sterilize using the mini-UHT sterilizer.

  • Milk food products
  • Soy-milk food products
  • Wine products
  • Food Pastes
  • Juices
  • Fruit Purees
  • Fruit Concentrates with high solid and fiber components
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Beverages

Small Scale Milk Mini UHT Sterilizer

Small Scale Milk Mini UHT Sterilizer


What Materials Do You Use to Manufacture Mini UHT Sterilizers?

The main materials that you will use in the manufacturing process of mini-UHT sterilizers are:

Stainless Steel

You will use stainless steel in the manufacturing process to make most of the components of the machine.

Stainless steel is the best material because it does not stain very easily thus maintaining the sanity of the machine. Apart from that, stainless steel is very easy to clean thus making it the most appropriate material for food sterilization.

On top of that, stainless steel is a very good heat conductor thus efficient for transfer of heat for sterilization purposes.


You will use rubber materials on the mini-UHT sterilizers because of their heat insulation properties.

In addition to that, it is the most appropriate material that you will use to make valves as it can prevent leakage.

Hard Plastic

You will also use hard plastic to make transparent materials that allow you to view the different levels of products.

It will also insulate the electrical cables and prevent electric chocks that may come from electric cables.

What Volumes Can the Mini UHT Sterilizer Handle?

Just from the name, you can denote that the mini UHT sterilizer can only handle small quantities. In other words, it is a small machine that has the capability of handling small volumes at a particular time.

You can also determine the volume of products that will pass through the mini UHT sterilizers. In the mini-UHT sterilizers, you can handle a capacity of 1000 liters per hour of the liquid products.

What are the Unique Features of a Mini UHT Sterilizer?

Here are some of the features that you need to look at when determining the mini-UHT sterilizers.

  • Ability to sterilize or process different levels or types of food products.
  • High Speed or capacity of sterilizing different food products (usually between 2 and 5 seconds).
  • Long and continuous production cycles keeping the machine running and sterilizing more food products.
  • Instant heating and cooling of the food products
  • Ability to package the food products in sterile environment thus eliminating contamination
  • Minimal incidents of fat separation and fouling
  • Ability to preserve the key nutrients within the food products
  • Very short residence time allowing the food products to stay for a short period in the machine

What are the Effects of UHT Sterilization on Sterilized Products?

You should aim to achieve food product sterilization when you use the mini-UHT sterilizers.

It will kill all the microorganisms within the food products thus making them safe for human consumption.

Apart from killing bacteria, it will preserve the nutrient content of the food products thus maintaining its health benefits.

Implying that, you will have clean and healthy food products from the mini-UHT sterilizers.

Do You Experience Contamination During the Sterilization Process?

No, we do not experience contamination during the sterilization process.

The aim is to eliminate any form of contamination within the food products and make them safe for consumption.

Mini-UHT sterilizers will eliminate any form of contamination by using very high temperatures to kill bacteria.

In addition to that, it does the sterilization within 2 to 5 seconds thus allowing very minimal time for recontamination.

On top of that, it ensures that the packing process is clean and done in sterile environment thus preventing contamination.

Are the Products Sterilized Using Mini UHT Sterilizer Durable?

Absolutely, the products sterilized using the mini-UHT sterilizers are extremely durable.

In other words, the mini-UHT sterilizers will kill any bacteria that often increases the speed of food decay.

You can, therefore, store the food products for a very long time in special conditions without decay.

How Does UHT Sterilization Compare to Other Forms of Sterilization?

One of the greatest benefits that you will experience with the use of mini-UHT sterilization is the time factor.

In comparison to other form of sterilization, you will note that mini-UHT sterilizers take the shortest period to sterilize food products.

Apart from that, you will use the mini-UHT sterilizer to sterilize liquid food products only.

On the other hand, you will use other types of sterilizing machines to sterilize liquid and solid products.

In addition to that, you will be using heat or steam at very high temperatures to sterilize the food products.

On the flip side, other forms of sterilization may use heat but not on high temperature conditions.

The other forms of sterilization may also use other chemical substances in order to kill bacteria. What’s more, mini-UHT sterilizers preserve the nutrient content of the food products.

The other sterilization processes may destroy the nutrient content of the food products thus making them unhealthy.

What Types of Mini UHT Sterilizers are Available in the Market?

Figure 4 Plate Mini UHT Sterilizer Machine

 Plate Mini UHT Sterilizer Machine

There are two main types of Mini-UHT sterilizers that you can choose from.

Here are the main types of the mini-UHT sterilizers that you can choose from.

Direct Injection Systems

You can opt for the direct injection system where you will directly inject the sterilizing agent such as steam to milk.

You can use the direct steam injector (DSI) to introduce steam which will heat the products suddenly for some holding period.

After the short holding period elapses, you will flash the products against low pressure systems to cool it.

There are different types of direct injection systems which include:

  1. Injection System
  2. Infusion System

The main advantage with this type of machine is that it will hold the products such as milk for shorter periods.

Implying that, the main nutrients within the products will remain active while the pathogens are destroyed.

Indirect Injection Systems

Indirect injection systems involve sterilization without getting the heating medium and products in contact.

You will separate the heat medium and the products using equipment contact surfaces that will conduct heat.

In the process of heat transfer, the product is heated and the pathogen is destroyed thus sterilizing the products.

You can opt for any of the three indirect injection systems which include:

  1. Plate Heat Exchangers
  2. Tubular Heat Exchangers
  • Scrapped Surface Heat Exchagers


Are there Health Effects from the use of Mini UHT Sterilizer?

Absolutely not, there are no health effects from the use of the mini-UHT sterilizers.

You can use the mini-UHT sterilizers to safely process milk and kill all the pathogen within the milk.

As manufacturers, we use the best and safest materials in manufacturing the mini-UHT sterilizers.

Apart from that, we ensure that the materials for making UHT sterilizers are also sterile and does not cause contamination.

It also has a clean-in-place system which ensures it is clean and safe all the time thus eliminating health effects.

How Much Does a Mini UHT Sterilizer cost?

You will spend between 20,000 to 45,000 US dollars to purchase the mini-UHT sterilizer.

In this case, the size of the mini-UHT sterilizer does not have an impact on the cost of the sterilizers.

The only factor that influences the cost of mini-UHT sterilizers is the level of automation.

In other words, you will spend more in purchasing the fully automatic mini-UHT sterilizers.

On the other hand, you will spend less in purchasing the semi-automatic mini-UHT sterilizers.

How Does Mini UHT Sterilizers Compare to Lab-sized UHT sterilizers?

Well, the mini-UHT sterilizers and the lab sized UHT sterilizers are both small in size.

On that note, the lab sized UHT sterilizers are smaller in size in comparison to the mini-UHT sterilizers.

In addition to that, most of the lab sized mini-UHT sterilizers are semi-automatic in nature.

On the other hand, mini-UHT sterilizers are usually fully automated with a few exceptions of semi-automatic options.

Despite the differences, you will use both lab-sized and mini-UHT sterilizers in small scale sterilization processes.

What is the Difference Between Mini UHT Sterilizer and the Industrial UHT Sterilizer?

Here, the most significant factor that differentiates the mini-UHT sterilizers and industrial UHT sterilizer is the scale of production.

Mini-UHT sterilizers are very small in size in comparison to the industrial UHT sterilizers which are often bigger. Implying that, you will use the mini-UHT sterilizers in small scale sterilization processes.

On the other hand, you will use the industrial UHT sterilizers in large scale sterilization processes. Apart from that, industrial mini-UHT sterilizers are fully automatic and do not have options of the semi-automatic machines.

On the flip side, you can opt for the semi-automatic or fully automatic mini-UHT sterilizes depending on working budget.

Speaking of the budget, you will spend more in purchasing the industrial UHT sterilizers than your expenditure on mini-UHT sterilizers.

The working principles remain the same in both types of UHT sterilizers and you will automatically perform sterilization in seconds.

You can also move the mini-UHT sterilizers easily in comparison to the ease of moving the industrial UHT sterilizers. Implying that the mini-UHT sterilizers are portable and easy to move form one place to another.

What are Some of the Applications of Mini UHT Sterilizers?

The most common application of the mini-UHT sterilizer is in the sterilization of different food products.

Here are some of the industries where the mini-UHT sterilizers will come in handy.

  • Milk Processing Industries
  • Wine Making Industries
  • Juice Processing Industries
  • Alcohol Brewing Industries

What are the Limitations of a Mini UHT Sterilizer?

Despite the numerous benefits of using the mini-UHT sterilizers, you will come across a few limitations.

Here are the main limitations that you may experience when using the mini-UHT sterilizers.

Energy Consumption

Ultra-high temperature sterilization requires a lot of energy to heat the water to very high temperatures to kill pathogen. This results into a great deal of energy consumption thus increasing the cost of sterilizing food products.

Non-Biodegradable Packages

In addition to energy consumption, you will also have a problem of environmental pollution from the packages.

Most of the mini-UHT sterilizer packages are non-biodegradable and will require special conditions to safely dispose them.

What are the Storage and Maintenance Conditions for Mini UHT Sterilizers?

You should store and maintain the mini-UHT sterilizers in a cool and dry place as soon as you complete the sterilization process.

First, you will have to allow the machine to cool down before you begin the maintenance process. After that, you can clean it up carefully to get rid of the contaminants within the machine system.

Most modern mini-UHT sterilizers come complete with an automatic clean in place system.

You will use the CIP system to clean the hidden parts of the machine and get rid of the contaminants.

You should also maintain the pumping system by checking the oil levels and changing the oil on a regular basis.

Are Mini UHT Sterilizers Durable?

Yes, mini-UHT sterilizers are highly durable and will serve you for a very long time.

It comes complete with very strong materials such as stainless steel which do not corrode easily.

Apart from that, you must also clean and maintain the machine on a regular basis to increase the durability.

Lab Scale UHT Sterilizer

Lab Scale UHT Sterilizer

Do Mini UHT Sterilizers Come with a Warranty?

Yes, you will receive a warranty whenever you purchase a mini-UHT sterilizer.

In most cases, the warranty covers the machine for about 24 months.

During this period, you can call the manufacturer in case you experience unusual performance of the machine.

Apart from that, the warranty will cover for damages that may occur in the hands of the manufacturers.

Are the Mini UHT Sterilizer Safe?

Absolutely, mini-UHT sterilizers are very safe for you to use especially with the presence of automatic safety systems.

It has an automatic shutdown system that can sense potential danger and automatically shut down.

You have to be very careful when handling the machine and wear protective gear just in case of anything.

Are Mini UHT Sterilizers Portable?

Yes, mini-UHT sterilizers are portable and you can move them from one place to another very comfortably.

Due to the small size, you can easily dismantle the parts and move the parts to a different location easily.

How do you Optimize the Working of Mini UHT Sterilizer?

You can get the best results from the mini-UHT sterilizers by optimizing some of the key functions.

Here are some of the things you can perform to ensure the machine operates at optimum conditions.

Hire Professional Operators

You should think of hiring professionals with enough knowledge on the operations of the machine.

They have the expertise that will help in manipulating the machine and getting the best out of the sterilization process.

Proper Cleaning and Maintenance

You must also make sure that you clean and maintain the machine on a regular basis.

Cleaning and maintaining the machine on a regular basis will ensure the machine is in perfect working condition.

Read the Operation Manual

In addition to that, you should follow all the operation instructions to the letter as it is on the operation manual.

You will get more information on the safety standards and operation modes of the machine on the manual.

At Pilotech, we manufacture and supply high quality and reliable mini UHT sterilizers that meet the specific needs of your applications.

This alongside other material processing equipment such as spray drying machine, freeze dryer, and spray granulator, amongst others.

For any questions or inquiry about mini UHT sterilizer, contact Pilotech engineers now.

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