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  • Pilotech min Spray Dryer is the perfect all in one research solution for any needs.
  • Unique design to ensure that all functions are easy to select and adjust to quickly achieve the optimum conditions for spray drying.
  • Fast install and cleaning times, simple to operate.

Pilotech Mini Spray Dryer

YC015 mini spray dryer

Shanghai Pilotech started to produce YC-015 mini spray dryer since 2005. The design idea is ‘small volume, low noise, low power and easy operation’. It is less than 1 square meter, the noise is lower than 60 DB, and the power is 3.5KW. The drying chamber uses borosilicate glass so that it is easy to observe experiment. YC-015 uses touch-screen operation. One can adjust parameters during experiment at any time. The glass components are connected with clips and is easy for operation.

yc018A inert loop mini spray dryer

YC-018A inert loop spray dryer, pilot scale spray dryer for organic solvents, with a processing capacity of 3500ML/H. But 100ML materials are also enough for completing an experiment. Small size, covering only 2 square meters. Low power, the host power is only 5.5KW. Low noise, below 50DB. The touch screen is fully automatic and easy to operate. It can be used for spray drying of most organic solvents.

Why Pilotech mini spray dryer?

  • A simple and effective lab spray dryer for product research and development.
  • With over 20 years of continual development, Pilotech lab spray dryer is world renowned for our quality and reliability.
  • From bench spray dryer to pilot scale spray dryer, from aqueous solutions to organic solvents, complete specifications.
  • You can discover our lab spray dryer outstanding efficiency and flexibility.

Dr. Chen

Bioproton Pty Ltd

We are an Australian manufacturer specialized in feed industry. We bought a YC-2000 spray dryer from Shanghai Pilotech recently. It has been supplied and delivered to Brisbane as we scheduled. We are quite happy about the instrument itself. The quality, its user-friendly design and its price make it very competitive on the international market. We also enjoyed the communication with the sales representative, Ms. Vicky Xiang. She also kindly facilitated some technical support for us. The whole purchasing experience was satisfying and positive. Thank you!

Mini Spray Dryer

Pilotech mini spray dryer is a leader in the field of lab spray drying equipment. For 15 years, Pilotech has been the world’s leading solution provider for laboratory technologies for R&D, quality control and production.

Due to Pilotech mini spray dryer good quality, small size, low noise, low power, and excellent drying effect, the equipment has been rapidly welcomed and widely used by domestic universities, research institutes and enterprises.

The Pilotech mini spray dryer is classified as a water solution spray dryer , Inert Loop (organic solvents ) spray dryer, low temperature spray dryer, vacuum spray dryer, large particle spray dryer, Spray drying spray granulation machine, which can solve difficult drying of heat-sensitive materials, flammable and combustible organic solvent materials, high sugar content materials, high viscosity materials.

All mini spray dryer in Pilotech is easy to operate and can be used with a small quantity of materials. It is very convenient for investigating many operation conditions.

For a spray dryer, the PLC, touch screen, are all key components. We chose Taiwan’s Delta, which is the highest market share in the market now. Besides, heater, peristaltic pump, draught fan, temperature controller selected the best performing brand in the market.   our atomizer and nozzle are made of SUS 316 stainless steel, the machine body is made of SUS 304 stainless steel, if you need, you can also customize 316 stainless steel.

All of the Pilotech mini spray dryers are modular if there are spare parts broken during the warranty period (1 year) and by non-human factors, you can get a new replacement from us for free.  After the warranty period, you can purchase from your country or from us, we will give you the cost price. We will provide oil-free air compressor for free, you just need to prepare electricity and water. It helps you save more time and cost for academic research.

If you are unsure about our mini spray dryer, we are pleased to offer you a service where we will spray dry a sample for you, and you are always welcome to visit our new laboratory and see a unit being set up and run.

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