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  • Pilotech min Spray Dryer is the perfect all in one research solution for any needs.
  • Unique design to ensure that all functions are easy to select and adjust to quickly achieve the optimum conditions for spray drying.
  • Fast install and cleaning times, simple to operate.

Pilotech Mini Spray Dryer

YC015 mini spray dryer

Shanghai Pilotech started to produce YC-015 mini spray dryer since 2005. The design idea is ‘small volume, low noise, low power and easy operation’. It is less than 1 square meter, the noise is lower than 60 DB, and the power is 3.5KW. The drying chamber uses borosilicate glass so that it is easy to observe experiment. YC-015 uses touch-screen operation. One can adjust parameters during experiment at any time. The glass components are connected with clips and is easy for operation.

yc018A inert loop mini spray dryer

YC-018A inert loop spray dryer, pilot scale spray dryer for organic solvents, with a processing capacity of 3500ML/H. But 100ML materials are also enough for completing an experiment. Small size, covering only 2 square meters. Low power, the host power is only 5.5KW. Low noise, below 50DB. The touch screen is fully automatic and easy to operate. It can be used for spray drying of most organic solvents.

Why Pilotech mini spray dryer?

  • A simple and effective lab spray dryer for product research and development.
  • With over 20 years of continual development, Pilotech lab spray dryer is world renowned for our quality and reliability.
  • From bench spray dryer to pilot scale spray dryer, from aqueous solutions to organic solvents, complete specifications.
  • You can discover our lab spray dryer outstanding efficiency and flexibility.

Dr. Chen

Bioproton Pty Ltd

We are an Australian manufacturer specialized in feed industry. We bought a YC-2000 spray dryer from Shanghai Pilotech recently. It has been supplied and delivered to Brisbane as we scheduled. We are quite happy about the instrument itself. The quality, its user-friendly design and its price make it very competitive on the international market. We also enjoyed the communication with the sales representative, Ms. Vicky Xiang. She also kindly facilitated some technical support for us. The whole purchasing experience was satisfying and positive. Thank you!

Mini Spray Dryer :The Complete Buying Guide

Pilotech mini spray dryer is a leader in the field of lab spray drying equipment. For 15 years, Pilotech has been the world’s leading solution provider for laboratory technologies for R&D, quality control and production.

Due to Pilotech mini spray dryer good quality, small size, low noise, low power, and excellent drying effect, the equipment has been rapidly welcomed and widely used by domestic universities, research institutes and enterprises.

The Pilotech mini spray dryer is classified as a water solution spray dryer , Inert Loop (organic solvents ) spray dryer, low temperature spray dryer, vacuum spray dryer, large particle spray dryer, Spray drying spray granulation machine, which can solve difficult drying of heat-sensitive materials, flammable and combustible organic solvent materials, high sugar content materials, high viscosity materials.

All mini spray dryer in Pilotech is easy to operate and can be used with a small quantity of materials. It is very convenient for investigating many operation conditions.

For a spray dryer, the PLC, touch screen, are all key components. We chose Taiwan’s Delta, which is the highest market share in the market now. Besides, heater, peristaltic pump, draught fan, temperature controller selected the best performing brand in the market.   our atomizer and nozzle are made of SUS 316 stainless steel, the machine body is made of SUS 304 stainless steel, if you need, you can also customize 316 stainless steel.

All of the Pilotech mini spray dryers are modular if there are spare parts broken during the warranty period (1 year) and by non-human factors, you can get a new replacement from us for free.  After the warranty period, you can purchase from your country or from us, we will give you the cost price. We will provide oil-free air compressor for free, you just need to prepare electricity and water. It helps you save more time and cost for academic research.

If you are unsure about our mini spray dryer, we are pleased to offer you a service where we will spray dry a sample for you, and you are always welcome to visit our new laboratory and see a unit being set up and run.

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All You Need To Know About Pilotech Mini Spray Dryer


Today, the global demand for quality mini spray dryer and spray drying technology by universities, colleges, institutes, and R&D departments of companies has increased. This development is as a result of the growing impact of technology.

Specifically, the spray dryer ceramic industry and spray drying pharmaceutical industry have increased in popularity in the last few years. Yet, the cliché among the buying companies and colleges still remains, do your adequate background research before buying any of spry dryer absorber, food spray dryer, egron spray dryer, nano spray dryer, milk spray dryer machines, or any of the spray dryer technologies.

Yet, several fake producers are all over the place making illegitimate money off unsuspecting procurement officers of these companies and colleges, who end up buying counterfeit mini spray dryers for their laboratories that never last long.

If you don’t want to pay heavily for it, then don’t pay for a sub-standard and counterfeit spray drying machine. Annoyingly, money isn’t easy to come by. Instructively, as a company procurement officer or lab scientist and instructor, you’ve perhaps been tagged a misery guts by your chief executives as a result of continued purchase of bad spray drying equipment.

You’ve got to get yourself off the hook of spinners veiling as products and smartly turn to something that will deliver value, give you rest of mind and save you from unnecessary recurrent spending.

Pilotech mini spray dryer is the latest trend and hottest deal in the market even as you read this post. But again, it has a relatively long age behind it. Yet, it controls the market.

Do you seek to know what Pilotech mini spray dryers feature? Then let’s begin with 20 years production history that has made Pilotech mini spray dryer the best and most sought-after product in the market.

Pilotech Mini Spray Dryer Production History 

The Pilotech mini spray dryer is an outcome of about two decades of research and solution delivery. The product is manufactured by Shanghai-based technology company, Pilotech Instrument and Equipment Co., Ltd, one of the world’s leading solution providers in the laboratory technology industry. The company technically started operations in 2005.

The company is popular for its high-quality products, incredible internal and external quality control, and state-of-the-art R &D environment. The company has been a strong partner to more than 3500 product users and clients. These include world-class technology-driven schools, institutes, universities, research central, and reverse engineering units.

What’s more, Pilotech also produces spray granulator, multipurpose extracting tank, and over-the-top high-temperature sterilizer. The vision is to reel out value-added budget-friendly lab spray drying equipment. The company distinguishes itself from other manufacturers of mini spray dryer by delivering products with out-of-the-world solutions.

Working principle of Pilotech Mini spray dryer

Pilotech mini spray dryer has a very simple mechanism by which it operates. On the equipment is a menu-driven microprocessor regulator which is responsible for selecting inlet temperature. The inlet air temperature for the YC-018 laboratory spray dryer ranges from 110 to 350 °C. The regulator also allows you to pick airflow as well as de-blocker frequency.

Once it selects the operations, the self-priming positive displacement pump (otherwise called a roller pump) acts on the diameter jet and then releases fluid sample from a container into the main chamber.

While this is going on, the compressor pumps air into the outer duct of the diameter fluid jet. The result of the operations of the roller pump and the compressor is the release of a finely atomized liquid spray into the drying chamber.

The dryer begins its dehydrating process in the drying chamber. High-temperature air is blown into the chamber to disperse all forms of vapour left in the atomized spray. A cyclone separates the free-flowing solid particles from the exhaust airflow, gathering together the solid materials through the sample collection bottle.

Meanwhile, the exhaust airflow is directed towards the atmosphere or into an extraction system through a flexible hose, usually with a diameter of 60 mm.

Features of Mini Spray Dryer

Pilotech mini spray dryer strolls into any market because it comes with many unassailable features. Whether you think in terms of size, design, architecture, capacity, energy consumption, pricing or durability, no mini spray dryer matches Pilotech’s.

Take a look at some of the features:

  1. Compact Size 

That’s a cliché you don’t want to and shouldn’t forget so quickly. You’ve often heard ‘the smaller the size the better the quality.’ Pilotech mini spray dryers come in small sizes. The purpose is to ensure that users have a product that is not only handy but also more efficient and cost-effective. The thinking is that the smaller and more compact you have your spray dryers, the more efficiently they deliver.

  1. High Quality

Despite keeping their sizes small, Pilotech doesn’t comprise standard of their mini spray dryer products. With a team of highly experienced professionals who understand the drive for quality control, Pilotech mini spray dryers in their different models release fine result and design. Whether you talk of the centrifugal spray dryer, ceramic spray dryer, pressure spray dryer, or bench-top spray dryer, Pilotech offers the best you can find in the market.

  1. Multiple functions 

One thing you don’t find out there with most of the spray dryers is the ability of one equipment to apply to many areas. For instance, mini spray dryer can apply to the aqueous solution, as well as to water solvents, pharmaceuticals, and dyestuffs, etc. With Pilotech mini lab spray drying tool, you have a dryer in your hand that serves a variety of purposes. The Pilotech mini spray dryer comes as spray drying granulator, cyclone spray dryer, water solution spray dryer, and organic solvents spray dryer.

  1. Expedient Preparation

Preparation is convenient because the material requires only a minimum of 20-30ml to complete sizeable amount of sample. The material also needs maximum capacity of 2000ml per hour to perform large amount of sample, and at rapid rate.

  1. Easy to install

Even if you’re a girl of 10, you can install and operate mini spray dryer. It does not take more than 10 minutes to install. If you try the HD visual operation on YouTube, it takes less than that even.

  1. Simple operation mechanism

In terms of operations, the mini spray dryer is designed with unimaginable simplicity and short set up duration. Pilotech mini spray dryer is built to run on to two easy-to-control and experimental models: the automatic and manual, or call it the eye-monitored mode.

  1. Easy to use

Using the equipment is very simple and takes few steps. It also has adjustable particle size from 1– 25 microns. The entre drying process is visible because it is goes through an assembly of glass. You can scale up the equipment to pilot or industrial scale. Typically, Pilotech mini spray dryer is also designed to stand by a keyboard and be regulated by a smart-looking screen touch display.

  1. Flexible to adjust

All functions and control keys on your spray dryer are simple to display and manipulate to suit your need. You can scale up the device to pilot or industrial level as much as you want. The particle size has an adjustable scale range from 1-25microns. Similarly, the equipment also prides itself in a high level of flexibility when you look at the different cylinder linear measures.

Different models of Pilotech Mini spray dryer

Pilotech mini spray dryer is made in different models and for different purposes. No two models can be used to execute similar functions, except the general functions that spray dryer machines typically perform.

The manufacturing company (Pilotech) understands the needs of each industry and how industry-specific spray dryers can help them boost production in many areas. Hence, they produce facsimiles of mini spray dryer for different laboratories.

  1. Model YC-015A lab spray dryer

This is one of the most versatile spray dryers made by Pilotech, both in terms of applicability and operations. It comprises all the features and components a typical mini spray dryer has. It does not require any external device to power it.

The process of drying is highly visible due to the assemblage of glass materials. It is essentially used for organic and water (aqueous solutions) solvents. However, it can also be used in other areas such as oxide, blood polymers, resins, and foodstuffs and adhesives, etc.

  1. Model Pilotech YC-018 lab spray dryer

This is a capable spray dryer. It is known for its capacity to process as much as 3500ML per hour. The lab spray dryer requires just a minimum amount of 100ML materials to perform a single experiment.

The suitability of this model is found in both in its use for a laboratory experiment and the pilot plant use. It contains relatively wide inlet air temperature range between 110 and 350 °C. That it is perfect for drying the spray of most materials is due to this wide temperature range.

However, after the dehydration process has ceased, the particle size ranges from 1 to 100 microns, thus making it applicability suitable for the spray drying of ceramics and advanced materials like a catalyst.

  1. YC-2000 lab vacuum spray dryer

The first thing to note about the YC-2000 mini vacuum spray dryer is that it brings along with it the vacuum system into the spray dehydration process. It is one Pilotech product that significantly causes a drop in both the inlet and outlet temperatures of the spray.

Besides, this model requires a minimum inlet air temperature of 50 °C and it works with a processing capacity of 1500 ML per hour. The YC-200 lab vacuum spray dryer is a piece of good equipment for the spray drying of non-heat resistance high polymer materials.

For example, in the preparation of a probiotic enzyme in the lab, the YC-200 lab vacuum spray dryer is often used. Meanwhile, Pioltech offers a lab vacuum spray dryer that has a higher capacity in the region of 500ML per hour and 3500ML per hour.

  1. YC-1800 mini low-temperature spray dryer

When you’re searching for a mini spray dryer that has a low temperature, then YC-1800 mini low temperature spray dryer is the right Pilotech product to beckon on. The inlet air temperature for this model is 105oC.

This is a perfect dryer for the spray drying of heat-sensitive materials. For instance, in the preparation of enzyme and sugary materials such as the traditional Chinese medicine extracts, the YC-1800 mini low temperature spray dryer is a perfect choice.

The reason is that after the drying process, the materials do no remain twigged to the wall of the container. Also, the durability of this model can be found in the presence of a blend of high temperature resistant glass and the SUS304 stainless steel in the drying chamber of the equipment.

Besides, you can easily observe every stage of the experimental process. The addition of liquefied bed drying functionalities can trigger the YC-1800 spray dryer to be used for multiple purposes.

  1. YC-015A Inert loop spray dryer

Without delay, you Pilotech YC-015A Mini Inert loop spray dryer would quickly and safely dry up laboratory organic solvents and aqueous solutions. It has massive processing capacity, capable of processing 1500ML per hour.

The equipment only requires 50ML to execute one single experiment. The YC-015A mini Inert loop spray dryer is designed with a unique built-in oxygen monitoring system. The purpose of that is to ensure the safety of the lab. This is because as the oxygen concentration increases than the fixed safe value, the machine will neither start nor cease auto operation.

  1. YC-018A Pilot Scale Inert Loop Spray Dryer

As the name suggests, the Pilotech YC-018A pilot scale organic solvent spray dryer is specifically designed in the spray drying of organic solvents and aqueous solutions. It belongs to the family of the inert loop spray dryer and is capable of processing 4000ML per hour.

The product requires a minimum of 100Ml t execute a one single lab experiment. This is why is perfect for the laboratory and pilot plant. Despite the high degree of mobility that often accompanies the materials after the spray drying process, the YC-018A pilot is reputable for high recovery rate which is put at 92%.

Main parts of Pilotech Mini spray dryer 

Although we have different models of the Pilotech mini spray dryer, there each of them contains almost the same parts. Each of the components is integral to the overall function of the entire equipment.

  1. Built-in Air compressor

The Air compressor is oil-free as it comes with cushion technique which keeps the noise of the equipment very low. This also makes it convenient for you to move the dryer around.

  1. Compressed air container

This is another important component of the device and it is made from SUS 304 stainless steel material. With this part on your mini spray dryer, you can be sure that your machine is adequately prevented from corrosive damage usually caused by vapour or moist.

  1. Microprocessor controller

Your mini spray dryer is built with a menu-powered microprocessor driver which allows you to select creek temperature, pump speed, and airflow. You can also use the controller to select auto de-blocker device which are major components of the equipment.  The de-blocker frequency helps prevent the jet nozzle from becoming jammed.

  1. Manual

The equipment comes with an easy-to-understand English manual that is available for references, each time you need to check for detail or find out some important information.

Pilotech Mini spray dryer application

The YC-015 mini spray dryer the latest in the series of many Pilotech spray dryer products has no limit in terms of application. As a product that delivers quality, this equipment allows users to apply it to a wide range of areas.

The mini spray dryer is also broadly perfect for use to all forms of aqueous solutions including emulsions and suspensions. This why Yc-015 mini spray dryer is an excellent product in the fields of chemistry, biology, pharmacy, R&D, universities and institutes.

Especially, in areas where there is great enthusiasm in the use of a technique such as spraying non-heat materials expansively to powder sample, YC-015 becomes highly relevant and applicable. This is possible in the production process because the non-heat material allows some air in a little time. Also, the high temperature demand has no damaging effect on the component of production.

YC-015 is applicable in these production and processing materials and areas including:

  • Flavor and Colourings
  • Dairy
  • Plant and Vegetable Extracts
  • Resins
  • Ceramics and Superconductors
  • For dying non-heat and thermal sensitive materials
  • Milk and Egg Products
  • Soap and detergents.
  • Organic solvents

Product Accessories

  1. Touch screen and PLC: Taiwan Delta
  2. Blower: Taiwan HENGFENG
  3. Air compressor air tank and body with 304 stainless steel: This is one feature that gives Pilotech mini spray dryer an edge. 304 stainless steel mini spray dryer guarantees deep drawing quality, ease of fabrication, resistance to corrosion and oxidation, excellent toughness, ease of cleaning, beautiful outlook, and low temperature properties. The Pilotech 304 stainless steel is in accordance with the GMP standard.
  4. Heating wire resistant to 1700 ° C high temperature: Pilotech spray drying equipment are made of thermal resistant wires and cables, including the lead wires for the equipment. Hence, they are perfect for variety of applications to high temperature up to 1700o
  5. Drying Room: Pilotech mini spray dryer contains high borosilicate glass, meaning that they have very low thermal expansion coefficients. This property makes them have more resistance to heat shock than any other common glass.

Differences and advantages between Mini spray dryer and vacuum dryer

Vacuum drying machine is the kind of dryer used for drying substances which tend to absorb moisture and vapour from the air. They are also used for thermally sensitive materials. The principle of operating vacuum dryer is forming a vacuum to drop the pressure in the chamber just below the vapor pressure of the water. The result causes the water to boil, thus increasing the rate at which the product dries.


-It conserves a lot of energy as less energy is required for drying.

-It is cost-effective, reducing costs on storage and sale.

-It works faster than other drying techniques.

-It cuts down on processing times.

-It is a less damaging method.

However, the mini spray drying process is not as fast as the vacuum process.

Differences and advantages between Mini spray dryer and Mini freeze drying

Mini freeze drying, technically called lyophilization, is a process of drying in which you freeze material and then decrease the surrounding pressure to make the frozen water contained in the material to change from solid state to the gaseous state. This process is used mainly to preserve perishable goods or make them safe for long-distance conveyance.

However, the mini spray dryer is used for spry drying organic solvents and aqueous solution. It cannot be used for preserving food.

There are three stages of mini freeing dehydration undergoes, namely, the


  • It is used to preserve perishable goods
  • It is economical in terms of resources and time
  • It prevents food wastage
  • The sublimation process is fast

Pilotech Mini spray dryer inspection before deliver

You don’t just buy a sheep in the poke. Whether you have them drop shipped via your e-store client or your physical store seller delivers them through a dispatch, you still need to check every product you buy. It is not exclusive to Pilotech; it is basic buying and selling commonsense.

But here is the good news: Pilotech mini spray dryer or vacuum dryer is not sold in e-store because the company wants to avoid their products being faked. Besides, Pilotech wants to maintain the standard of its product quality, it is strictly advisable to check out for sellers who may want to forge real Pilotech products and sell to naïve colleges or companies.

What to look for when choosing Pilotech mini spray dryer

If you’re choosing which mini spray dryer is best for a particular application, you have to consider three important things. You must bear in mind that dryer selection impacts on the quality of product quality. The case of heat-sensitive materials, such as foodstuffs or Fuzzy logic, readily comes to mind here.

  1. Know the moisture content of the material 

One, you must know the moisture content of a solid material. Testing solid materials of the moisture content will give you an insight into which dryer is perfect and most suitable to handle your material.

  1. Identify material features

Besides, you must identify the features a particular material’s particle contains. These features vary from one spray dryer to another, especially in their moisture levels. For instance, a filter cake of 40% moisture can have better moisture flow that one with lesser, say 20% moisture percentage.

  1. Test many dryers to know the suitability 

Thirdly, there is a possibility that several dryer systems may be suitable in both technical and economic terms, a particular application. In that way, you’ll need to carry out a careful assessment of many dryers to be to know which ones will best apply to your material.

  1. Follow the careful procedure for new product

It is also important that you follow a careful process. A new application, process or product, don’t try to mix procedure up. Be careful in the procedure that will produce the product.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Can the Pilotech Mini Spray Dryer be used for spray drying of organic solvents?

Absolutely! As earlier pointed, kindly note that the Pilotech YC-015A, YC-501A, and YC-018A are the great solution for any kind of organic solvent spray drying you want to do. That is why they are called organic spray dryers.

  1. Can the Pilotech Mini Spray Dryer be used for spray drying of heat-sensitive materials?

No mistake about it. There are different models of Pilotech spray dryers for different fields and areas. If you’re looking for a spray drying machine for heat-sensitive materials, don’t think twice. YC-018, YC-1800 mini sprayer dryers, and YC-510, YC-2000 vacuum spray dryer are perfect for heat-sensitive materials. You want to know why? They both operate on low-temperature.

  1. Can the Pilotech Mini spray dryer be used for spray drying of ceramics materials?

There we go again! The YC-018 lab spray dryer is the perfect Pilotech mini spray dryer for ceramics and advanced materials. Their suitability is found essentially in their name. Besides, they operate on an inlet air temperature range of 110 to 350 °C.

  1. Can the Pilotech Mini Spray Dryer be used for spray drying of high viscosity materials?

Yes! The reason is simple. Because high viscosity materials are resistance to flow, the Pilotech mini spray dryer can be used for the production of vicious or powered food concentrates. It results from atomization which creates fine dewdrops from food liquids which are desiccated to particles in a hot air stream.

  1. What is the Particle size after drying in the Pilotech Mini spray dryer?

Because of its adjustable feature and flexibility, the particle size of the Pilotech mini spray dryer stands at range 1 to 100 microns after the dehydration process. Hence, this makes it suitable for the spray drying of ceramics and catalysts.


Many have considered a lot of spray dryer products out there but they have to come back to Pilotech. The brand is incredible and offers the best services. Pricing is also relatively competitive. You buy these products and get value for money. Why not try today and be part of the trail?



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