Laboratory Pharma Spray Drying Manufacturer

  • Used by more than 500 pharmaceutical companies in the world.
  • Suitable for spray drying (aqueous solutions or organic solvents) of Chemicals and traditional Chinese medicines.
  • From lab-scale test to pilot scale.
  • Small size, low noise, easy operation, stable operation, and high material recovery rate.

Pilotech Lab & Pilot Scale Pharma Spray Drying Manufacturer

Pilotech pharma spray dryer is used for the development of new Chemicals or traditional Chinese medicines, sample preparation, testing on medicine auxiliary materials, etc. Specifications include 500ML/H,1500ML/H and 3500ML/H. There is high-temperature type, vacuum low-temperature type, spray drying, and granulation integrated type, organic solvent type, etc.


Laboratory Pharma Spray Drying 

Spray drying plays an important role in pharmaceutical production. Pharma Spray Drying features the following advantages: 1) Finished products have high degree of uniformity: spray drying can realize a uniform production of dried particles. 2) Finished products have good liquidity and solubility; 3) Simplified production processes: the spray drying can achieve compression and drying at one step, and takes relatively short time, which can effectively maintain the effects of heat sensitive medicines; 4) Clean production: airtight spraying environment can effectively avoid bacterial pollution and reduce dust pollution.

Pilotech produces lab scale Pharma Spray Drying products. It simulates industrial production processes in the lab or prepare some samples of different capacities, including 500ML/H, 1500ML/H and 3500ML/H.

Pilotech Pharma Spray Drying is compatible with multiple materials, including aqueous solution, organic solvent, heat sensitive materials, high temperature materials, vacuum low-temperature types, and so on.

We have over 15 years’ experience in producing Pharma Spray Drying products. At present, our products are widely used by over 500 pharmaceuticals companies across the globe and play important role in enterprises’ R&D departments and research institutes such as colleges and universities.

Pilotech Pharma Spray Drying adopts PLC control and touch screen operations. The OS language is English. It is also available for custom language according to your needs. PLC and touch screen are supplied by Delta, which have set up service points across the globe. If you have any questions on the PLC and touch screen, Delta is always ready to help you out.

Pilotech Pharma Spray Drying consists of different components including the blowers, air compressors, peristaltic pumps, and so on, which we purchase from famous brands to ensure stable equipment operation. Many users bought our spray dryer products over 10 years ago and their equipment still function stably to date.

Pilotech Pharma Spray Drying is also extensively used in many other industries such as food, chemical engineering, biology, ceramics, enzymic preparations, energy, materials, battery, and so on. Now over 3000 Pilotech spray dryers are being used around the world.

We have recorded detailed tutorial videos for each Pharma Spray Drying models. The tutorials will teach you how to properly use our equipment.

If you are looking for best Pharma Spray Drying equipment, contact our engineer for more information and quick quote now.

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