YC-1000 Laboratory Granulator (fluid bed)

  • One machine can be used for spray drying, spray granulation and spray coating.
  • Spray drying is a low temperature type, suitable for spray drying of traditional Chinese medicine & natural product extracts, which has no wall sticking.
  • Spray granulation is suitable for granulation of sugary materials, with the new backflushing system, high material yield.
  • Suitable for coating of small granular materials, uniform coating.

Pilotech Laboratory Granulator (fluid bed)

YC-1000 laboratory spray granulator integrates spray drying and fluid bed granulation function.

One machine realizes the functions of two machines, which can save the experimental site and expense.

It is an innovative product of spray granulation.

Sr.noParameterPilotech YC-1000 spray granulator
FunctionSpray dryer,spray granulator,coating,mixing
1Power5KW ,220V,50/60Hz
4Spray granulator capacityMax. 1000g/batch
Spray dryer capacityMax. 1500ml/h
5Minimum sample volume50g
6granulator temperature40-150⁰C
Spray dryer inlet temp.105-200⁰C
7Compressed air2-4 Bar
9Temperature precision±1⁰C
13Nozzle typeTwo fluid nozzle
14Nozzle jet0.7mm standard/(0.5/0.75/1.0/1.5/2.0mm available)
15Airflow0-150 mᶟ/h
16Peristaltic pumpMax. 1500ml/h
19Main chamber volume10L
20Heater power3.5KW
22Main chamber materialSUS304 Stainless steel &High borosilicate glass
23Body materialSUS304 Stainless steel
24Seal of cyclone/cylinderSilicone
29Operation modeAutomatic/Manual
30Display7-Inch LCD display for Heat, Spray, Pump, Air pressure, de-blocker frequency

Laboratory Granulator (fluid bed)

YC-1000 laboratory spray granulator integrates spray drying and fluid bed granulation function. One machine realizes the functions of two machines, which can save the experimental site and expense. It is an innovative product of spray granulation.

Lab granulator has been produced in our company since 2005. Over 15 years of producing experience, there are more than 2,000 clients worldwide using our lab granulators.

Pilotech YC-1000 lab granulator is a kind of spray granulator, or you can call it fluidized bed granulator. It has two granulation modes:

1) The sample is mainly composed of liquid and transported to the spray head by a peristaltic pump. The sample is evenly sprayed over the granulation chamber under the effect of compressed air. And base materials such as fluidized dextrin, etc. are placed in the granulation chamber in advance. Thereby centering base materials, atomized samples are caked on the base materials to be granulated into required particles;

2) The sample is in the form of small particles and placed in the cavity of fluidized bed in advance. It’s fluidized due to hot air. The binder is atomized to form a bridge between small particles. So these small particles are gradually caked and granulated into the required particles ranging from 200μm to 5mm.

Pilotech YC-1000 lab granulator has multiple specifications, including 300g/ batch, 500g/ batch, 1000g/ batch, 3000g/ batch, and 5000g/ batch.

Frame of the Pilotech lab granulator is made of SUS304 stainless steel. Major parts are from international famous brands. The granulating chamber is made of SUS304 stainless steel and high borosilicate glass. It’s durable and used for observing the whole experiment.

Top spray and bottom spray are designed for our lab granulator, of which, the top spray is used for fluidized-bed granulation, while the bottom spray for fluidized-bed coating. Side spray (tangent spray) is also designed for the 3KG and 5KG granulators.

Spray drying function is also added for the 1KG lab granulator. This way, you don’t need to buy a lab spray dryer for drying sample.

Pilotech YC-1000 lab granulator adopts touch screen with a PLC control mode. Both the operating interface and operation manual are in English. At the same time, we also provide a video to demonstrate every operating step in details, as if an engineer is by your side. Letting you know how to operate and make the full use of the lab granulator.

If you want know more about YC-1000 lab granulator, Please feel free to ask us catalog & a quick quote now.




The last few decades have been about records of successes from one innovation to another. Different industries are in the business of deploying technology to make corporate works, processes, and mechanisms seamless and effortless. Interestingly, there have been overlaps in the different fields in terms of how these technologies are used to bring about similar and also different results.

The spray granulation process is one of those incredible inventions of the last half of a century, or so. Pilotech is one firm that has contributed immensely to this area. Annually, Pilotech is responsible for the production of thousands of tons of LAB GRANULATORs for the chemical and allied industries. This equipment which has been patterned into different models is being used in the production of customer-specific and tailor-made spray granulates and powders on fluidized bed LAB GRANULATOR or spray dryers.

Through the spray granulation systems, the company continues to equip and empower a wide range of sectors and subsectors of the chemical industry with quite a number of its products all over the place. These include construction chemicals, fluid bed processor, specialty chemicals, cleaning agents, animal feed, detergents, etc.

History of Pilotech LAB GRANULATOR Production 

Pilotech leads the park when it comes to deploying spray granulation process to build a robust industry. There is a lot of history, trusted experienced, tested expertise, and quality assurance team behind the success of this conglomerate. Suffice to say that Pilotech has been responsible for the production of a number of chemical equipment, including lab granulator, fluid bed coater, fluid bed processor, fluid bed dryer granulator, etc. Besides, Pilotech produces mini spray dryers, multi-function, multi-feature extracting tanks, world-class high temperature sterilizers, among others.

These products come at a budget that doesn’t require users to break the bank. In addition, laboratory spray dryers from are easy to maintain and operated. Plus, there is long life expectancy and durability that comes with them. No wonder, the company’s products are the most reviewed by researchers. Pilotech stands tall above other competitors in the industry, and its effort has proved right, given that it has taken well over 70% of the Chinese market. Plus, it has a high exportation and acceptability rate in more than 60 countries, including the USA, Canada, and the UK.

This Shanghai-based technology company has been around for over two decades, leading the industry in solution delivery when it comes to production of lab equipment.  With a top-of-the-line Research and Development team that ranks top and is popular for spinning out high and low-end products, Pilotech ensures incredible internal and external quality control checks. Needless to say that the company has a strong global partnership, client and user that runs in their thousands. On top of that, Pilotech state-of-the-art technology institutes, research centres, as well as reverse engineering sections.

Spray Granulation Process

Spray granulation is refers to a phenomenon wherein a fluidic compound dehydrates over an active element. The new shape that’s formed is much thicker, harder, with many particles that contain unique properties. You can re-spray the particles all over again, to form pellets in circular shapes. Spray granulation also brings about cohesive layers of circular pellets.

Interestingly, the spray granulation process is one of the important processes used in the field of drying and particle shaping. Apart from spray-drying liquid or solid, these agents also are made to go through the rigours of spray granulation (whether bottom spray or top spray), spray solidification, fluid bed coating, fluid bed drying, and a host of other systems and subsystems. In the final analysis, the end particles or powder often come out free-flowing, compact, firmly structured, dust-free, finely granulated, and enveloped in several layers. These layers, as it were, also undergo the spray drying process wherein the fine particles that have been crushed into their liquid form in a fluidized bed could also be spray solidified. By that we mean, the particles can be spray-chilled or cooled.

Types of Granulators

There are various specific forms of granulators on the market. Every growing sector has additional choices to select the type of granulator it requires. Let us look at some of these sophisticated and wellutilized granulators.

High-Speed Mixing Granulator

This granulator comes with excellent efficiency; it can mix up various powder components to granules, in a single process. The high speed mixing granulator is mostly used by the food industry, medical industry and the chemical industry. It blends adhesives with the powdered components in the mixture chamber, before moving them through the cutting process to produce homogeneous granules.

Dry Granulator

The dry granulator, with the use of the crystallized water in the substance, transforms the pellets of powder to granules. This highly advanced machine comes with a sturdy structure, a novel, perfect durability and functionality. The granules produced by the dry granulator are clasped into pellets and capsules. This granulator is commonly used by the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, chemical industry and other industries applicable. It is strictly used for granulating substances and isn’t appropriate for the wet granulation technique.

Reciprocating Granulator

This is another type of granulator that is utilized in the food and pharmaceutical industries. They are used to produce granules in different variations, from congregate materials. One aspect of this machine is providing block products for further disintegration to other mixtures and composite. The interchanging handle that comes with the reciprocating granulator is equipped with paddles made of poly-ethene, brushes or beaters. The machine beats against the immobile outlined screen, which measures the final output per the fitted gaps, through the cutting process, to form homogeneous granules.

Rotating Granulator

This granulator is another exceptional product suitable for the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other related industries. It is ideal for viscous materials. Its steady operation ensures that the granules are well prepared for the drying process. The granulator can be easily maintained and cleaned due to the stainless steel framework. It can also be easily operated.

High-Speed Granulator

The high-speed granulator works with a turning knife that operates, in contrast with the fixed screen that has the right gap proportion. Particles whose proportion is smaller than the screen, goes through to discharge, while the more significant proportions are decreased.

Some of the significant types of Granulation Technique

Pneumatic Dry Granulation

It is a dry translation technique that makes use of a rolling compactor, and a classified air technique for the production of granules that will be compressible and flowable. This technique involves the creation of granules from powdered particles through the application of the compatible power of the rolling compactor. The end result is a blend of granules and finely made particles. The tiny granules are singled out from the granules with the expected size, then the granules with the likely sizes are put into a fractionating chamber, from there, they are designed into pellets.

Reverse Wet Granulation

The reverse wet granulation is a wet granulation technique; it is a technique that entails the submersion of dried powdered content into a binder fluid, with a controllable disintegrating system to produce granules. The dried powder is put into the binding liquid and undergoes mixing in the granulator. Secondly, the drug can be immersed into a hydrophilic polymer solvent to create a granulating fluid in the form of a drug-polymer. To produce granules, other adhesive substances are added to the drug-polymer. The wet granules that are produced are dried, after which they are milled. The types of granules produced using this technique, had an excellent flowability nature, just like the results of the wet granulation application.

Steam Granulation

This technique involves the use of steam as a binder, in place of the usual binder fluid. The pure state of steam can create a high percentage of dispersion into the powder, and also provides a better thermal situation, when the drying process begins. When the steam is condensed, a flat hot film appears on the powder elements; it needs an amount of homogeneous particle for  dispersion. It does not require the drying process.

Freeze Granulation

This granulation technique has to do with spraying a small amount of liquid over liquefied nitrogen. The liquid sprayed over the nitrogen instantly freezes to pellets. During the freeze-drying procedure, a sublimation-ice process is used to dry the pellets with no effects of separation. The final product of this procedure is the circular pellets with flowability. They are formed using water and solvent established slurries.

Foam Granulation

This technique involves the application of a fluid-binder as foam, unlike the other processes that include the addition of liquid and spraying on the powder elements. The foam binding solution helps in avoiding issues such as inconsistency and uncertain binder dispersion that could intentionally affect the density of the tablet and shape of the tablet.


All forms of fluidized spray are mostly applicable in a fluid bed. The fluid bed granules are similar. The powder mixture is sprayed uniformly with the liquid compound. The pellets formed can be influenced in various ways, due to the different parameters in place. Fluidized LAB GRANULATORs form particles that are affected by multiple factors which are:

  • Solid with moisture content
  • Flowability in liquid spray
  • Level of airflow
  • Pressure of atomization
  • Batch Fluid Bed

Granulations that have batch procedures involve placing the first dry product into the product compartment. It then undergoes an intensive mixture in the thermal gas flow; it is suspended and collected by using an adequate bonding agent to spray. When using the required parameters and high thermal conduction, the product is then dried to the proper moisture volume.

Continuous Fluid Bed

The continuous granulators are broken down into different divisions that work with different timing, velocity and conditions. For example, granulation is applicable in the first and second category, drying is suitable in the third category, while cooling is the last category in the chamber procedure.

Applications of Granulation

Advancement in technology and inter-industry relationship contributes to the application of granulation technology into several industries.

Spray granulation helps in enhancing powder flowability and mechanical features of a pellet. In this way, granules are obtained by adding liquid binders and liquid solutions. When the granulating fluid is in excess quantity, thinner particle sizes and dense granules are produced. There are differences from each batch are minimal, due to the maximum liquid quantity needed to produce the provided particle size.

Granulation techniques like wet granulation, are used to provide uniformity, flowability, compatibility and stability of the solid-state of the drug. The granulation liquid quantity determines the granules particle size. Granulation involves the combination of small particles to produce larger cohesive particles. The importance of particle sizes is essential, they shouldn’t be too big or too little, as this can affect the flowability and the density of the granules.

Many processes are utilized in controlling a granulator. The fractionating chamber, feed level, liquid binder, all these play their roles in affecting the particle size. The particle size is measured simultaneously by the sensor; this is to help monitor the process of granulation.

Granulators are mainly utilized in producing materials in specific industries like the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. It modifies light elements in powdered forms, to dense like granules with flowability. Granulators are used in the following industries: pharmaceuticals (to produce animal drugs), Food (for the production of sweeteners, soup ingredients, and soya sauce), Beverage (to produce cocoa, tea), Chemical (organic acid, detergent).

An Overview of Pilotechs LAB GRANULATOR Models

Pilotech LAB GRANULATOR is fashioned into a variety of models, each made for different purposes. Interestingly, each model is made to function differently, except for the general functions which unite them as LAB GRANULATOR.

As earlier identified, Pilotech models these equipment based on the specific requirements of the customer and the need of each chemical industry. Hence, production is informed by need and emerging trends.

Pilotech’s spray granulations makes use of other sub-processes, including spray drying granulation, coating design and drying of the fluid bed. Spray drying with low temperature is also utilized. Each of the different models is intended to serve these process needs.


As the name suggests, the Pilotech’s mini LAB GRANULATOR is a top-quality product sought-after for its incredible features and practical functions. Built with a sturdy and solid material, this piece guarantees unparalleled durability, giving confidence for a long lifespan.

What’s more, the product is space-efficient, multi-functional, budget-friendly, and offers great value for money. Plus, with more than 1500 users in over 60 countries, the Pilotech’s mini LAB GRANULATOR also features granulation, fluidized bed drying and coating, as well as spray drying. It is great compact, flexibble design

YC-310 Lab Scale Fluid Bed Dryer

This LAB GRANULATOR from Pilotech is best for lessened material quantities that need the right temperature within the required time frame—particles with sizes as small as 5 microns can be processed using this machine. The speed flow makes the thermal efficiency splendid. Plus, this adds to increased drying capacity as well as high rapid drying rate.

YC1000 Laboratory Granulator

It is a fluidized bed LAB GRANULATOR. This machine possesses multi-functions of spray coating, fluidized bed drying and spray drying. Minimal temperature is enabled for spray drying. It is suitable for processing materials with heat intensity and sweeteners.

YC-03 Fluid Bed Processor

This fluidized bed granulation coating machine has a batch capacity of 3kg and 5kg, respectively. The YC03 fluid bed processor is made up of three sections, the top spray, bottom spray, and side spray. When it comes to dealing with particles of different variations, this machine is the best bet. It also comes with a triple-level purification blower.

Working Mechanism of Fluidized-Bed LAB GRANULATOR

The fluidized bed LAB GRANULATOR is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry. It is utility equipment; the granulation drying and mixing process are all done using the same machine. Most of the essential parts that make up the fluidized bed LAB GRANULATOR come in various design functions. The ones that are in line with the direction of fluidized gas flow are the gas inlet chamber that serves as the inlet that receives fluidized air; the Gas dispersion, product compartment, an extended chamber that has bag filters in the enlarged chamber, and the 4-nozzle structure.

The four-nozzle structured binder spray pattern which include the Pressure Nozzle that helps in the disintegration of pressurized fluid due to its atmospheric unstableness and effect. There is the Rotation Nozzle or otherwise called ‘rotating atomizer” used only for dry spraying. We also have the Unaired Nozzle. This is a nozzle that divides the fluid into dual streamlets that later merge at the opening of the nozzle, where the breach results in drops. The last is the Atomized Gas Nozzle, which is a dual fluid nozzle. One of the fluids, which is the binding solvent, is atomized via air compression to produce the second fluid. It is well known for the use of fluidized bed spray granulation.


Pilotechs fluidized LAB GRANULATOR come with a lot of amazing features and components that make it a stand-out and sought-after product in the market. Let us examine the features of Pilotech’s YC-1000 Laboratory Granulator.

Key Specifications

  • Power: 5KW, 220V, 50/60Hz
  • Maximum capacity: 1500ml/h
  • Temperature: 40-150o C
  • Mixing/Coating: 50-100g
  • Nozzle Type/Jet: 2-fluid nozzle/0.7mm standard
  • Airflow: 0-150m3/h
  • Screen: 7-inch LCD display
  • Material construction: stainless steel

Key Features of the YC-1000 Fluid Bed Lab Granulator

Multiple functions

The Pilotech’s YC-1000 Fluid Bed laboratory LAB GRANULATOR is an innovative device that blends spray granulation with spray drying, making it also functional in the area of uniform coating.  It means users don’t have to buy spray dryer when they need to dry samples.

Typically, this model can be used to spray granulate materials that are in sugary form, thanks to its high material build and back-flushing system. For uniform coating, this model is perfect for granular materials.

Digital Display

The Pilotech YC-1000 equipment also comes with a colourful LCD touch display with a PLC regulation mode to show parameters ranging from, pump speed, the frequency of the fan, drying chamber pressure, and the chamber temperature.

This display is user-friendly with easy-to-understand English manual and operating interface. Plus, Pilotech offers video to help during installation and operation of the fluidized lab LAB GRANULATOR machine. The interface accurately displays the vacuum levels and temperature degree.

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

Dual granulation patterns

The YC-1000 boasts two incredible granulation models. One is that the fluid inside the machine is conveyed through the aid of the peristaltic hose to the spray head. The sample of the liquid that is sprayed gets to the granulation chamber and is shared evenly, thanks to the influence of the compressed air. The system ensures that the granulation chamber receives the fluidized base materials promptly so as to ensure proper caking and highly granulated particles.

The second mode of granulation consists of the tiny particles promptly positioned in the hollow of the fluidized bed. The hot air enhances the rate at which the small particles are fluidized. The small particles are linked by the atomized binder. Depending on the needs of the user, the particles can be crushed into different sizes with a between 200μm to 5mm

Three Spray Modes

The YC-1000 LAB GRANULATOR is designed for the two common spray systems, the top, bottom, and side spray models. The top spray is perfect for fluidized bed granulation; the bottom spray system serves the bed coating purpose, while the side system is designed for the 3KG and 5KG granulators.

Sturdy Steel Build

The Pilotech YC-1000 LAB GRANULATOR boasts a frame made from the stainless steel of the SUS304 standard, making it highly resistant to corrosion and rust. The granulating chamber of the machine is also made of the same material with added high borosilicate glass that ensures durability and expanded life expectancy.


LAB GRANULATOR works via fluid bed spray systems, and these work in various ways, depending on the position of the spray systems. The fluid bed system is made up of three distinguishable spray systems:

  • Top spray system
  • Bottom spray system
  • Side spray system

The Top Spray System

The entire top spray system process requires that you start by charging all the substances into the process chamber. This is followed by a fluidizing procedure, involving compressing air to cause material suspension. There is the spraying procedure from the top that is done by making use of the atomized gas nozzle to spray the binding solvent downward. This process also requires material drying, stopping the fluidization procedure, before the final step which is product discharge.

The Purpose of a Top Spray System in a Fluid Bed Granulator

Fluid bed procedures can carry out various tasks, but it all relies on where the spraying system is located. So according to due process, the top spray system is applicable for the following:

  • Drying the mixture of wet powder and granules
  • For Granulation
  • For coating

Drying the Mixture of Wet Powder and Granules

Fluid bed processors are mostly seen in coating and granulation equipment. It is because where the nozzles are located doesn’t affect the way it functions. The following are the working procedures of a fluid bed dryer granulator:

Hot air is released from the rear section of the system. Suspension of materials slated for drying occurs, due to the rise in air velocity caused by an ascending pulling force. In the lab fluid bed dryer, surrounding air blows into the heaters. As the moisturized particles absorb receive air, the moisture is extracted, producing a dry, free material. The air passing out of the fluid bed dryer goes through the filter, recovers bits of particles from the drying process.

For Granulation

The granulation and drying procedure can be done in one machine. It is why the top spray system is utilized in mainly fluid bed granulators. It is because of the rate of effectiveness and consistency.

For Coating

Though the top spray process may be simple, the applications are limited. Therefore top spray coating is not applicable where density, comparability and quality of the film are the watchwords. The top spray coating is mostly suitable in chemical and food industries.

The Bottom Spray System

This spraying system is carried out from the bottom. The hot air in the machine blows the granules and powdered particles from the bottom, in an upward direction. The nozzles at the bottom spray these substances uniformly as they move up. The bottom spray system process is mostly used in the pharmaceutical industry, for the coating of pellets and powder. You can achieve excellent quality and uniformity utilizing this system. These features are synonymous with the bottom spray system:

  • Underneath the fluidization chamber lies the position of the spraying nozzle
  • The dry spraying is reduced because the distance between the particles and the nozzles are limited
  • Coating quality and homogeneity is high

Side Spray System

The technology this one is made of is a bit different from the top and bottom spray systems. Here are some of the unique attributes of the side spray system. The nozzle is situated beside the product compartment. It comes with a changeable spinning disc. Different types of force are applicable when the machine is active: levitating force (lifting), centrifugal force and gravitational force.

The centrifugal force can be controlled by predicting the speed of the disc, and the velocity in the air, because it is the volume of air and the velocity that raised the particles. It can be done by comparing the disk space. This spray system is a bit more diverse than the rest.


Purchasing a new fluidized LAB GRANULATOR won’t come easy. High cost and complexity need to be considered carefully and appropriately researched, before going in for a purchase. One of the main things that should come to mind is a machine that will meet your demands. So what do you need to know to choose the right fluidized LAB GRANULATOR?

  1. Multiple Features

With the multiple choices available, how do you narrow your search? First of all, find out the appropriate features that are essential for whichever industry you choose. Consider the expenses, type of business, and what goals you want to achieve.

  1. Multi-Purpose Functions

A lot of fluidized LAB GRANULATORs have multiple applications in one system. Though you might not need these numerous functions, they’ll be of assistance to you in the nearest future. It will save you expenses. Instead of purchasing three different machines with different features, isn’t it better to buy one that has the capacity of the three? As you can see, it’s simple logic.

  1. Special Features

Always look-out for special features that will help in the efficiency of your process time. It is essential to search for distinctive features during your research. Examples of these unique features are the agitator system, liquid delivery manifold, expansion chamber etc.

  1. Expert Advice

You can enlist the help of experts to help you out in making the right decision, to ensure that the machine of your choice is suitable for your business. Look for credible suppliers who can help you in this process. I would recommend you choose Pilotech, because of their impeccable track record. They have the right fluid bed granulator manufacturer that will give you any modification that you require.


Pilotech provides excellent after-sale service for customers, upon purchase of their products, ranging from milk spray drying machine, Herb drying machine, lab drying machine, Pilotech mini spray dryer, spray dryer machine, YC-015 spray dryer, lab spray dryer, mini spray dryer and more.

Pilotech provides customers with all support and information they need before, during and after the purchase of the LAB GRANULATOR, and indeed all their products.

Instalment & Maintenance

Upon purchase of a Pilotech product of your choice, Pilotech has credible engineers and technicians at your disposal, to help with the installation of your machine. Not only that, should any technical issues arise when making use of the products, but Pilotech engineers are also always at your service 24/7.

Onboarding and Training

This is an essential aspect of Pilotech’s aftercare services. Pilotech understands that most of their products come with sophisticated features that customers might find confusing. Fear not, Pilotech is here for you. When you purchase Pilotech products, individual training sections are organized for customers to be able to get acquainted with the product functions, features and operation guidelines.

24/7 Support

Customer service agents are on standby 24/7, to cater for all your needs, inquiries and even suggestions. So whenever you have an issue or query regarding a Pilotech product, feel free to call the following numbers or contact via email.

Product Warranty

Pilotech offers all its esteemed customers a one year warranty on all purchased products. Free services are also provided during this period, but only of the damages are not human inflicted.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Spray Granulation?

Spray granulation refers to a a fluidic compound dehydrates over an active element.

What are the uses of a LAB GRANULATOR?

LAB GRANULATORs are used by pharmaceutical, chemical and food production industries for creating materials like soya sauce, drugs, beverages, detergents etc.

How do LAB GRANULATORs work?

They work through the fluid bed spray system, which is made up of the: The top spray system, the bottom spray system and the side spray system.

Which LAB GRANULATOR Brand can you recommend?

I would recommend you go for Pilotech LAB GRANULATORs, due to popularity as renowned LAB GRANULATOR producers in the world today.

What type of LAB GRANULATORs do they produce?

Pilotech is home to a wide variety of products and technologies. Its team of expert technicians, engineers, market and business developers are behind the top-of-the-line produces, including the laboratory LAB GRANULATOR, the laboratory low-temperature spray dryer, the laboratory spray freeze dryer and others.

Do Pilotech’s Products come with an English Interface?

Yes, it does, although not all. You could choose which but it also provides you with the preferred language of your choice.

Can I order a Pilotech product from China?

Yes, you can. Pilotech ships to all countries worldwide.

Do I get a warranty if I purchase a Pilotech product?

Yes, Pilotech offers all their esteemed customers a one-year warranty on all purchased products. The refund and return policy is also quite customer-friendly.


It has been an incredible journey, we must say, taking you through the world of LAB GRANULATORs by Pilotech. We hope this article has given an in-depth insight into spray granulation, the types, and techniques involved in granulation. You have the requisite knowledge on this incredible Pilotech product. If you are interested in going into a business that requires the use of a LAB GRANULATOR, this article is for you. Don’t forget to contact Pilotech for quality LAB GRANULATORs to kick start your business.

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