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  • Efficient, LCD touch screen & PLC controlled spray drying of any application, especially for temperature sensitive products.
  • Designed specifically for lab research and pre-production trials (pilot scale).
  • Aqueous only (YC-500/YC-015/YC-018/YC-2000/YC-2100), Aqueous and solvent (YC-501/YC-015A/YC-018A) based solutions.

Pilotech Lab Spray Dryer

laboratory spray dryer

YC-500 has a bench design. The equipment can be installed on the laboratory furniture or can be put on ground, as needed. The power of YC-500 is only 1.5KW, it is only 80mm high, and the minimum material amount is 20ML, so it is very convenient for material preparation. YC-500 has a good expandability. You can add vacuum module and nitrogen circulation system module based on your needs in later stage, thus to adapt the spray drying of organic solvent and heat-sensitive materials.

YC-015A has nitrogen circulation system inside, its treatment capacity is 1500ML/H, and 30ML is enough for one experimental. It is a lab scale organic solvent spray dryer, and can be used for the drying of water solution and organic solvent. YC-015A has PLC control, touch-screen operation, English screen interaction. Clips are used to connect the cyclone separator in the drying chamber, so it is easy to assemble.

The lowest inlet air temperature of YC-2000 Vacuum Spray Dryer is 50°C. It can be used for drying materials that cannot be dried by traditional spray dryer, such as probiotic enzyme. Materials after drying can remain biological activity. It can also be used to dry heat-sensitive materials such as polymer materials.

Why Pilotech lab spray dryer?

  • Pilotech have been manufacturing lab spray dryers for over 20 years.
  • Pilotech lab Spray Dryer has more than 3,500 satisfied customers in more than 60 countries.
  • From bench spray dryer to pilot scale spray dryer, from aqueous solutions to organic solvents, complete specifications.
  • You can discover our lab spray dryer outstanding efficiency and flexibility.

Alain Daoust

B.Sc. Chemist

Hello Cathy! I am doing well. Spring Festival is over in China now? Back to work…, we are learning more and more with our new spray dryer. We are getting a lot of use out of the spray dryer as we attempt to create a powder from our oil in water nanoemulsions, and it seems to be working quite well. By the way, we love this new baby spray dryer!!

Lab Spray Dryer

Pilotech has 15 years of experience in spray drying technology. According to your different requirements (capacity, temperature, particle size), Pilotech has developed different types of lab spray dryer to achieve the goal of your experiments.

Pilotech lab spray dryer covers a widely range of applications for food, pharmaceutical, chemistry and other industries, and it can be used for drying of aqueous solution or organic solvent material. We have exported our lab spray dryer to over 60 countries, like US, Canada, UK, German, Italy, Russia etc.

Pilotech Lab spray dryer body material is 304 stainless steel (316 stainless steel is optional), atomizer is made of SUS 316 stainless steel.

Each Pilotech lab spray dryer is equipped with the large touch screen of the world-famous brand Delta, easy to operate.

All Pilotech lab spray dryer produces low noise, create a comfortable laboratory environment.

Pilotech lab spray dryer’s max. capacity can be up to 4L/H, and a minimum of 30ml sample can be handled per batch, both the pilot test and lab test.

Detailed instruction manual will be provided, teach you how to operate the lab spray dryer step by step. Until now, all our foreign customers successfully installed and operated our lab spray dryer with a great reputation.

All means of transportation are acceptable, by sea, air or land.

Pilotech lab spray dryer warranty is one year, if any part is broken during the warranty period, Pilotech will delivery one new part for free(Except for the damage coursed by human factors). Meanwhile, if you have any questions during operation, feel free to contact us, our after-sales service team will contact and help you within one working day.

If you are looking for one set suitable lab spray dryer, we have YC-015, YC-018 and YC-500 general lab spray dryer for aqueous solution, YC-1800, YC-2000 and YC-3000 low temperature lab spray dryer for heat-sensitive material, YC-501, YC-015A and YC-018A for organic solvent materials.

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