YC-3000 Lab Freeze Dryer

  • New laboratory freeze dryer with fast drying speed, the shortest time only needs 3-5 hours.
  • The dried material is powder, the particles are uniform, there is no need to be pulverized again.
  • Suitable for heat-sensitive materials, the dried materials will not be denaturation.
  • The dried materials have good solubility and fluidity.

Pilotech Lab Freeze Dryer (Spray Style)

Pilotech YC-3000 lab freeze dryer (spray style) combines the advantages of spray and freeze drying, suitable for rapid drying of heat-sensitive materials, with processing capacity up to 2000ML/batch.

The minimum freezing temperature is -55 °C. The dried material powder has very good fluidity and solubility.

Sr.noParameterPilotech YC-3000
4Spray freezing temperature-20-40⁰C
5Cold trap temperature≤-60⁰C
6Vacuum pump power2KW
7Max. vacuum pressure<20Pa
8Spray pressure2-5Bar(adjustable)
9Compressed air4.2m³/h
11Nozzle typeTwo fluid nozzle
12Nozzle tip diameter0.7mm standard/(0.5/0.75/1.0/1.5/2.0mm available)
13Body materialSUS-304 Stainless steel
14Operation modeAutomatic/Manual
15Vacuum pump plugyes
16Vacuum connectionStandard clamp
18Seal of cyclone/cylinderSilicone
21Vacuum degree displayDigital
26Display7-Inch LCD display for Heat, Spray, Pump, Air pressure, de-blocker frequency
27Sample safetyLow temperature & vacuum
28Particle size50~100um

Lab Freeze Dryer

The lab freeze dryer (spray style) is a new freeze dryer combining advantages of spray drying and freeze drying.

Pilotech YC-3000 lab freeze dryer (spray style) is applied to prepare small samples in the lab. It’s suitable for materials with no ideal experimental result in spray drying or freeze drying.

There are three disadvantages in traditional freeze dryers: 1) With long drying time, it generally takes 40 hours to 60 hours for drying; 2) It must be centrifugal concentration and pre-freezing processes before drying; 3) The material is blocky and should be crushed after drying.

Pilotech YC-3000 lab freeze dryer (spray style)can overcome the above shortcomings effectively: 1) With a quick drying time, it usually takes only 5 hours to 8 hours to complete the drying process after atomized freezing; 2) It’s unnecessary to pre-freeze; it can directly spray freeze drying for materials with the concentration of 5% or below; 3) The material is powder after drying without the need of crushing.

Pilotech YC-3000 lab freeze dryer (spray style) can complete both spray freezing and drying process. It can avoid secondary pollution with spray freezing and drying performed in the same machine.

With the minimum freezing temperature of -60 °C, Pilotech YC-3000 lab freeze dryer (spray style) can freeze materials when atomizing. The drying process becomes faster when the surface area expands a lot. What’s more, after spray freeze drying, powder has good solubility and liquidity.

General spray dryer are dried after heating up. Somehow it affects the properties of samples, particularly for heat-sensitive materials, resulting in discoloration, physical structure changes, chemical changes, and loss of aromatic substances. Also, some materials after spray drying have poor solubility. Pilotech lab freeze dryer (spray style) fits the rapid drying of heat sensitive materials in the lab. It can overcome all these shortcomings.

Pilotech YC-3000 lab freeze dryer (spray style) can process up to 2000ML in each experiment. It can even dry a sample of 10ML. And, the sample may have a wide content range of solids, ranging from 1% to 60%.

All parts of YC-3000 lab freeze dryer (spray style) are from internationally famous brands in modular design. They can be replaced conveniently if the parts fail. Besides, we have also prepared an operating video for you. Even if you change your staff in the lab, the new operator can easily study and operate the dryer based on the detailed operating instructions in our video.

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