YC-910 Extruder Spheronizer

  • One machine with multiple functions: Extrusion, spheronization, granulation, drying, coating.
  • Built-in ice water unit, cooling the extrusion screw and cylinder at the same time, reducing the material temperature, effectively preventing material denaturation caused by extrusion heating.
  • Replacing the spheronization disc for the pellet side spray coating.
  • In line with GMP regulations, process parameters are automatically controlled by PLC, all data is automatically stored online, and can be exported by USB flash disk.

Pilotech YC-910 Extruder Spheronizer

The YC-910 Extruder Spheronizer machine has an innovative built-in water inlet unit.

When the heat-sensitive biomaterial is extruded, it will not cause denaturation of the material due to rapid temperature rise during extrusion, and the side spray coating function is added, which has a better effect of particle coating than that of fluid bed coating.

It is used in pharmaceutical, ceramic, catalyst and chemical industries, which is an ideal tool for the development of pellets and extrusion properties.

extrusion speed50RPM
spheronization speed1400RPM
pellet diameter0.3-3mm
Diameter Of Rctary Tabel250mm
Compressed air0.3m3/h

Pilotech Extruder Spheronizer:The Complete Buying Guide

It is an extruder.

It is a spheronizer.

It is also a coater.

Moreover, it is an integrated low-temperature extruder spheronizer.

YC-910 Extruder Spheronizer 03
YC-910 Extruder Spheronizer 03


To save your experimental site and operating space, Pilotech YC-910 extruder spheronizer is designed as multi-functional laboratory equipment, including the following five functions: extruding, spheronizing, granulating, drying and coating.

Batch size: Pilotech YC-910 extruder spheronizer can reach experimental and research tools for 100g of samples, but the maximum volume of each experiment is 3kg.

Pilotech YC-910 extruder spheronizer can complete the process from solid powder to pharmaceutical mini-pills within 30 minutes, with very high efficiency;

YC-910 Extruder Spheronizer 11
YC-910 Extruder Spheronizer 11

In the extrusion process, the general extruder spheronizer will produce a lot of heat, some heat-sensitive materials will change their physical structure and chemical properties, and some will lose biological activity completely. Therefore, Pilotech YC-910 extruder spheronizer is equipped with chiller unit to simultaneously cool the extrusion screw and the extrusion cylinder. Your heat-sensitive materials will be in a low temperature state during the whole experiment process, without losing any biological activity due to heating. The temperature of cold water can be set according to your needs.

YC-910 Extruder Spheronizer 09
YC-910 Extruder Spheronizer 09

You can choose pore plate in different aperture and thickness to prepare 0.2-3.0mm mini-pills. Pilotech YC-910 extruder spheronizer can also be used to customize pore plate you need according to your requirements.

The side-spray coating function is added to the Pilotech YC-910 extruder spheronizer, for better coating effect than the general fluid-bed coating machine.

YC-910 Extruder Spheronizer 02
YC-910 Extruder Spheronizer 02

Pilotech YC-910 extruder spheronizer has been successfully applied in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, ceramic industry, catalyst industry, chemical industry, etc., and Pilotech extruder spheronizer is an ideal tool for the development of mini-pill formulation and the study of extrusion characteristics.

YC-910 Extruder Spheronizer 06
YC-910 Extruder Spheronizer 06

To operate more conveniently, process parameters of Pilotech extruder spheronizer are automatically controlled by PLC. All data are automatically saved online and can be exported by USB flash disk. The operator interface is in English, and detailed operation manual available in video format.

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