YC-030 Concentration Machine

  • Vacuum low temperature concentration, better concentration effect, suitable for heat-sensitive materials
  • The proportion of the concentrated material can reach 1.1-1.38.
  • Suitable for the concentration of liquid materials in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries
  • SUS304 stainless steel is used for the parts contact with the material, which has good corrosion resistance and meets GMP regulations.

Pilotech YC-030 Concentration Machine

Pilotech YC-030 concentration machine, from laboratory specifications to pilot specifications, 5L, 10L, 20L, 50L, 80L, 100L, 150L and 200L, the machine achieves concentration by the method of low-temperature according to reducing air pressure. The minimum concentration temperature is 45 °C, which won’t affect the nature of heat-sensitive materials.

Sr.noParameterPilotech YC-030 Concentration Machine
1Power(electric heat)12000W
3Extraction tank capacity30L/0.03m³
4MaterialSUS 304 Stainless Steel
5Evaporation chamber  vacuum degree0~-0.08MPa
6Precision of temperature±2℃
8Cooling water pressure<0.3pa
9Touch screenoptional
10Stainless steelthree-decker/outer insulation/intermediate heating

















Stainless steel extractor(10L)

Tube array condensator

coiled tube condenser

oil-water separator

pipeline sight glass

Stainless steel water ring pump

Omron temperature controller

Stainless steel extract blue


Sanitary safety valve

control cabinet

connection with pipe Tube Fitting Valve

12Tube array condensator area0.5㎡
13Coiled tube condenser area0.3㎡
14Evaporation capacity5-8kg/h


range of application


Chinese herbal medicine/natural product/ cosmetics/foodstuff

Ultrasonic extraction/Dynamic extraction/Volatile aromatic oil recovery….

17Enrichment ratio1.1-1.38

Concentration Machine: The Complete Buying Guide

Pilotech YC-030 Concentration Machine uses low-temperature vacuum concentration to reduce the concentration temperature and protect the material properties and active ingredients through vacuum extraction.

Pilotech YC-030 vacuum concentration machine can effectively retain the nutrients and aroma of the material. The liquid substance evaporates quickly under boiling conditions and its boiling point changes with pressure. That is, as the pressure increases, the boiling point increases and as pressure decreases, and the boiling point decreases. For example, milk under 101 kPa has a boiling point of 100℃, while at a vacuum degree of 0.0827 to 0.0906 MPa, the boiling point is only 45 to 55℃. Evaporation at a lower temperature will ensure the material is not affected by high temperature, so the distortion or waste of non-thermostable components is avoided, thereby retaining the nutrients and aroma of the material. Some amino acids, flavonoids, phenols, and vitamins, in particular, can be protected from being damaged by heat. And for some viscous materials such as sugar, protein, pectin, and mucilage, it can prevent the coking of materials by evaporation at a low temperature.

Pilotech vacuum Concentration Machine mainly consists of heater, evaporation chamber, condenser, water-ring vacuum pump, foam separator, inlet and outlet valves and various control instruments. The structure is simple and easy to operate. The evaporation chamber adopts jacket heating method, which enjoys high efficiency and fast heating.

The junction between Pilotech Concentration Machine and materials is made of SUS304 stainless steel, which conforms to GMP regulations.

Pilotech YC-030 concentration machine uses our patented water-ring vacuum pump, and it is equipped with new noise reduction technology. So the noise is low and the machine is applicable to laboratories, not to mention workshops.

Pilotech YC-030 Vacuum Concentration Machine uses Omron temperature controller to ensure accurate temperature control.

Our YC-030 concentration machine has been widely used in over 1000 universities and companies. And it is durable. Many users have used it for more than 10 years but still find it is nice to use as a new one.

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