YC-050 Coffee Extraction Machine

  • Suitable for extracting flavor substances such as caffeine in coffee, and other compounds
  • The part in contact with the material is made of SUS304 stainless steel and conforms to GMP regulations.
  • It can be extracted under normal pressure or reduced pressure, and the extract can be concentrated under reduced pressure and low temperature.
  • Used by more than 1,500 university & research institutes and enterprise laboratories all around the world.

Pilotech Coffee Extraction Machine

Pilotech YC-050 coffee extraction machine is used for efficient extraction of materials such as coffee in laboratory or pilot plant, which has high extraction efficiency and can effectively retain the active ingredients and flavor substances in coffee and other materials. It can also be used for the extraction and concentration of traditional Chinese medicine, natural products, and other materials.

Sr.noParameterYC-050 Coffee Extraction Machine
1Power(electric heat)18000W
3Extraction tank capacity0.05m³
4MaterialSUS 304 Stainless Steel
5Evaporation chamber  vacuum degree0~-0.08MPa
6Precision of temperature±2℃
8Cooling water pressure<0.3pa
9Touch screenoptional
10Stainless steelthree-decker/outer insulation/intermediate heating

















Stainless steel extractor(10L)

Tube array condensator

coiled tube condenser

oil-water separator

pipeline sight glass

Stainless steel water ring pump

Omron temperature controller

Stainless steel extract blue


Sanitary safety valve

control cabinet

connection with pipe Tube Fitting Valve

12Tube array condensator  area1㎡
13Coiled tube condenser area0.6㎡
14Evaporation capacity10-12kg/h


range of application


Chinese herbal medicine/natural product/ cosmetics/foodstuff

Ultrasonic extraction/Dynamic extraction/Volatile aromatic oil recovery….

Coffee Extraction Machine: The Complete Buying Guide

Pilotech YC-050 coffee extraction machine is a multi-functional extraction machine for simple and convenient extraction of active components in coffee, integrating extraction, concentration, and recovery of volatile perfume oil.

Pilotech coffee extraction machine, laboratory bench and pilot scale equipment, have many specifications, such as 10L, 20L, 30L, 50L, 100L, 200L, etc. Both the extraction tank and the concentration tank can be used for vacuum low-temperature operation, retaining active components and coffee aroma.

Because many laboratories don’t have steam conditions, Pilotech coffee extraction machine uses electric heating with jacket, which is convenient to use, uniform in heating, safe and reliable.

Structure of Pilotech coffee extraction machine:

1) Extraction tank: The extraction tank is divided into three layers: Inner tank for throwing coffee, other medicinal materials, water, etc. The interlayer for heating and the outer tank for preserving heat;

2) Foam breaker: The foam breaker is connected to the extraction tank, and mainly used for eliminating the foam produced in the extraction of coffee or other traditional Chinese medicines and preventing the foam from bringing decoction dregs in the steam into the condenser.

3) Condenser: The condenser is mainly used for condensing extract vapors for secondary back-flow to the main tank as solvent.

4) Oil-water separator: The oil water separator is mainly used for conducting oil-water separation on the cooled recovery solution when extracting, in order to obtain the required volatile perfume oil.

5) Concentration tank: The concentration tank is mainly used for conducting rapid concentration on the extract at room temperature or vacuum low temperature.

For food safety, the contact part of the Pilotech YC-050 coffee extraction machine with the materials is made of SUS304 stainless steel, which conforms to GMP specifications.

Temperature control is very important for coffee extraction equipment. We use Omron temperature controller to precisely control temperature, ensuring the preservation of coffee flavor.

We also apply the latest patented water-ring vacuum pump to Pilotech YC-050 coffee extraction machine, and the vacuum pump produces low noise.

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