YC-500 Benchtop Spray Dryer

  • The smallest laboratory spray dryer in the market.
  • Can be upgraded to an organic solvent spray dryer (optional inert loop system)
  • It can be upgraded to a vacuum low-temperature spray dryer (optional vacuum system)
  • A minimum of 20ML materials is enough for completing an experiment.

Pilotech YC-500 Benchtop Spray Dryer

YC-500 benchtop spray dryer is an innovative product of Pilotech laboratory spray dryer, which is reserved with vacuum and nitrogen circulation system interfaces and is easy to upgrade.

The processing capacity is 500ML/H, with a minimum of 20ML materials, making it easy to prepare the materials.




Pilotech YC-501Inert Loop Spray Dryer





Min. Outlet Temperature70⁰C



Airflow0-330 mᶟ/h
6Max. Inlet temperature



Heater power1300W
8Temperature precision



Nozzle jet

0.7mm standard/(0.5/1.0/1.5/2.0mm available)


Nozzle typeTwo fluid nozzle
11Possible particle size range



Mean Residence time1.0-1.5 sec
13Operation mode



Minimum sample volume20ml
15Spray chamber material

SUS304 Stainless steel


Cyclone separator materialSUS304 Stainless steel
17Receiving tank material

SUS304 Stainless steel


Body materialSUS304 Stainless steel
19Seal of cyclone/cylinder



Gas type compressed air

800*600*900(SPRAY DRYER)


Display7-Inch LCD display for Heat, Spray, Pump, Air pressure, de-blocker frequency
23Thermal protection

Blower does not stop until temp <90⁰C


25Inert loop (for solvents)


Benchtop Spray Dryer: The Complete Buying Guide

Sometimes there are few samples in the laboratory, some are expensive, or some are difficult to obtain in the laboratory. However, the spray dryer machine commonly used in the laboratory requires a lot of samples for each experiment. It is troublesome to prepare samples every time, and the expensive samples cannot be used for spray drying experiments.

Pilotech YC-500 benchtop spray dryer offers a good solution to solve this problem.

Compare to a centrifugal spray dryer and pressure spray dryer, Pilotech YC-500 benchtop spray dryer is small in size and works very quietly on the test bench.

Spray dryers commonly used in many laboratories usually require 1000ML of samples for each experiment, and the recovery rate is very low. Pilotech benchtop spray dryer can complete an experiment with at least 20ML of samples, hence suitable for relatively small samples.

Pilotech YC-500 benchtop spray dryer, not only requires less material for a single experiment, but also very low in power (only 1.5KW) consumption, environmentally friendly and energy saving.

Drying chamber and cyclone separator of Pilotech benchtop spray dryer are made of SUS304 stainless steel, which is durable. The drying chamber is equipped with observation holes, you can easily observe the experimental process, and students can study the spray dryer working principle too.

If you need to test sugar-containing samples, YC-500 benchtop spray dryer would also be very suitable for you. The performance of the Pilotech benchtop spray dryer is especially improved. Samples can also be well dried at the lowest air inlet temperature of 130 °C. The air inlet temperature is suitable for spray drying sugar-containing materials, preventing possible material sticking on the wall.

If you need to test organic solvents in the future, you would upgrade to an organic solvent spray dryer by purchasing our inert loop system, which is very convenient.

If you need to test enzymic preparations, probiotics or other heat-sensitive materials, no problem, you would upgrade to a vacuum low-temperature spray dryer by purchasing our vacuum module.

By the way, if your materials are not resistant to high temperature, you can consider using our low temperature spray dryer or vacuum spray dehydrator which has lower inlet and outlet temperatures. If your materials contain organic solvents, you can consider using our inert loop  spray dryer, if you need to process more materials, you can consider using our pilot- spray dryer.

In order to send you best benchtop spray dryer, we will carry out strict testing procedures on each dryer before shipment. The tests include testing the drier without any materials, testing the drier with materials, temperature control accuracy test, and recovery rate test, etc. This is to ensure that each equipment will meet our strict requirements and the reliability of each equipment you bought from us.

We provide you YC-500 benchtop spray dryer English operation handbook and installation & operation video.

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