Application of Lab Spray Dryer in Chinese Medicine Production

At present, most traditional Chinese medicine preparation manufacturers still use the traditional decoction and concentration production process in the preparation of preparations. Among them, a large number of complex Chinese medicine extracts need to be further concentrated and dried. This process is for the effective ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine. The damage is so great that according to the prescription of traditional Chinese medicine, the final content of the effective ingredients is far below the standard requirement, and it also consumes a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources.

YC015 mini spray dryer

Before the spray drying technology was adopted, the traditional decoction and concentration, reduced-pressure concentration and other processes were time-consuming and poor in quality, and the dried material had a low content of active ingredients. In addition, pulverization and granulation must be carried out before the preparation is produced, which increases the chance of contamination of the medicine.

The use of special spray drying technology can complete the drying, crushing, mixing and granulation processes in the traditional pharmaceutical process at one time, reducing the probability of drug contamination, simplifying the production process, improving production efficiency, and saving energy. It meets the requirements of GMP and improves the quality of dried products.

The extract lab spray dryer is a special type of centrifugal lab spray dryer. A representative product is selected from many extract lab spray dryer for description. Its characteristics:

(I) It adopts a fully enclosed form. All parts in contact with the material in the lab spray dryer adopt a flat or arc transition, and the contact surface is polished to avoid blisters, dead corners, and prevent material accumulation; the lab spray dryer is in contact with the material The material is 316 stainless steel to ensure that the material is not polluted.

lab spray dryer YC-015
lab spray dryer YC-015

The tower diameter and tower height are adjusted accordingly according to the relative density, viscosity, and solid content of the Chinese medicine extract, which not only ensures that the powder does not reach the tower wall before drying, but also ensures the hot air residence time of the powder to complete low-temperature drying.

The transmission parts in contact with the material are well sealed and can be waterproof and oil-proof: the lab spray dryer is operated with a sealed butterfly valve at the discharge to prevent air leakage: the induced air discharge pipe section adopts live connection, which can be disassembled at any time for cleaning and disinfection.

Spray dryer system

(2) The air entering the system from the lab spray dryer is filtered through three stages: primary, middle and high efficiency.

(3) The drying tower of the lab spray dryer is equipped with a cold wall device and air jacket cooling system on the top of the drying tower to keep the inner wall temperature of the drying chamber lower than 80 °C to prevent the material from hot melting and hanging on the wall, even if the powder product is adsorbed on the wall The phenomenon of coking deterioration does not occur, and the powder collection rate is greatly increased (up to 98%).


(4) The lab spray dryer adopts the co-current spray drying form to make the droplets flow in the same direction as the hot air. Although the temperature of the hot air is relatively high, because the hot air enters the drying room and immediately contacts the spray droplets, the indoor temperature does not drop sharply. As a result, the drying material is overheated, so it is especially suitable for drying heat-sensitive materials. Since the drying process is completed in an instant, the particles of the product basically maintain the approximate spherical shape of the droplets, with good dispersibility, fluidity and solubility.

(5) The powder collection system of the lab spray dryer adopts a dehumidifying air cooling device to prevent the product from absorbing moisture and agglomerate, which is convenient for product packaging. A cold air technology is used between the atomizer and the hot air distributor to prevent the material from returning to the top and cool the atomizer. The part in contact with the powder has a structure that is not easy to stay and easy to clean.

(6) Lab spray dryer are suitable for materials such as solutions, emulsions, suspensions, pastes, etc., which are spray-dried into dry powder, fine and medium particle products. It has high speed, high efficiency, few procedures and saves manpower. Especially for traditional Chinese medicine extract materials containing heat-sensitive ingredients, it can maintain the color, fragrance and taste of the material. The dried product has excellent quality, good fluidity, solubility, high purity and hygiene.

(7) The cone of the lab spray dryer tower is increased, and an air vibrator is installed on the cone. The cylinder is pulsed with compressed air to smoothly knock down the powder adsorbed on the cylinder.

(8) The lab spray dryer unit uses the PLC program to control the system loop, and the touch screen animation displays the process flow. It has strong operability, and the variable operating parameters are automatically tracked and adjusted by fuzzy technology; the atomizer is adjusted stably and safely by the frequency converter; automatic adjustment The intake air temperature minimizes energy consumption; the temperature inside and outside the tower and the number of pressure inside the tower can be precisely set and so on.

(9) The lab spray dryer adopts a quick-opening cleaning device, which is suitable for the production requirements of multi-variety and multi-parameter control of traditional Chinese medicine preparations.

(10) The lab spray dryer adopts wet dust removal to prevent dust from going out, ensuring compliance with environmental protection requirements. At the same time, it adopts an air sweep device, which has a good effect.

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