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Pilotech has been engaged in spray drying for nearly 20 years. Our products are exported to more than 60 countries. Now we already have over 3,500 users around the world.

To be The Leader for Spray Dryer in the World -Pilotech

Pilotech started to produce laboratory spray dryer since 2005. We have over 50 patents and over 15 software copyrights. Our company is also the only manufacturer in the world that can produce a wide range of spray dryers, including benchtop spray dryer, vacuum spray dryer, spray-freezing dryer, all-in-one machine for spray drying and fluidized granulator, organic solvent spray dryer and nano spray dryer. Our laboratory spray dryer has many advantages, such as stable performance, easy operation and durable service. For this reason, the product is very popular among researchers. It has occupied more than 70% of the market in China. It is now used by more than 3,500 users in the world, and exported to more than 60 countries and regions, including USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Russia, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Pilotech Journey

As a leader in the field of spray drying, we have recently successfully developed a three-fluid spray head.

Our laboratory spray dryer is very small, but it solves many problems. For example, with our product, you don’t need to face the problems like difficulty in preparing materials, large coverage, and big noise.
You don’t need to worry that the materials containing sugar will stick on the wall when they are used for spray drying. You don’t need to worry that the heat-sensitive materials, such as enzymic preparations, will degenerate when they are used for spray drying.
It can also ensure safe spray drying of organic solvent in laboratory. With our product, both toxic and oxidizable materials can be treated with spray drying in laboratory.
Only one machine can realize four functions, including spray drying, spray granulation, fluidized bed drying and fluidized bed coating.
It is a perfect combination of vacuum drying and spray drying. The heat sensitive materials such as probiotics can remain active after spray drying in laboratory.
It is also a perfect combination of spray drying and freeze drying. Compared with freezer dryer, our spray dryer can provide a faster drying process, and the dried materials have better fluidity and solubility.
Our spray dryer for pilot plant test is also very small. It only covers an area of 1 square meter, but it has the processing capacity of 4L/H. It has the advantages, such as low noise, low power (only 5.5KW), and high material recovery rate.
The processing capacity is 500ML/H. The minimum material volume is 20ML. Because it is very small, it can be placed on the workbench.
YC-501 is the smallest organic solvent spray dryer. It can be applied to spray drying of very tinny materials. YC-018A is organic solvent spray dryer for pilot plant test. It applies to the preparation of materials in laboratory and pilot plant.
YC-510 is a multifunctional device. It can be used as traditional laboratory spray dryer, vacuum spray dryer and organic solvent spray dryer to process different materials.
Developed a new concentric spray nozzle
If the materials are atomized by traditional spray nozzle, they can be easily sprayed to the wall of bottle, because traditional spray nozzle may have some defects in installation or spraying accuracy. So we recommend the concentric spray nozzle. The concentric spray nozzle has better performance. Its spray will form an umbrella around the nozzle.
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