Lab Spray Dryer
High-temperature type, vacuum and low-temperature type, organic solvent type, sugar-containing material type, can be adapted to different needs.
Lab Spray Dryer
High-temperature type, vacuum and low-temperature type, organic solvent type, sugar-containing material type, can be adapted to different needs.
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Pilotech Leader in Lab Spray Dryer

  • We have more than 3000 clients from over 60 countries around the world.
  • We have been developing and improving new technology of spray drying since 2005.
  • Pilotech spray dryer can be searched on many papers on google scholar.
  • From lab benchtop spray dryer to pilot specifications

Our Lab Spray Dryer Series

  • Modular design ,easy to install and operate
  • Can be adapted to water solution and solvent
  • DLSB built-in and it does not need any external device.
  • The material of drying chamber is borosilicate glass, it is high temperature resistance and easy to observe.
  • PLC control, touch-screen man-machine interaction, easy to operate.
  • The lowest inlet air temperature is 50°C, suitable for materials like probioti.
  •  Low noise patent technology for Vacuum pump.
  • The maximum capacity is 4000ML/H,100ml is OK for one test.
  • The highest material recovery ratio is 92%.
  • The pilot-type spray dryer of the smallest size

Pilotech Spray Dryer Endorsed by Papers in Google Scholar

  • On Google scholar, you can search for many papers on researchers using our lab spray dryer.
  • Many scientific researchers in different industry, different subjects are also using our spray dryer.
  • The materials in the papers are of different types, it has also water solution and organic solvent.
  • Materials in the papers varies from inorganic substance, organic substance, nanomaterial, heat-sensitive materials, and so on.
  • Papers that contains usage of our spray dryer in different countries, in different languages can also be searched.
Low Noise
Noise-reduction patent design keeps the noise under 60DB.
SS316L Nozzle
The spray nozzle with SUS316L stainless steel, thus is highly durable.
High Recovery Rate
The highest recovery rate can reach 92%.
Export to 60 countries
Exported to more than 60 countries and thousands of satisfied customers
Low Maintenance Cost
Famous brand parts, modular design, accessories and glassware always in stock.
Easy to Install
Setup and run in under 10 mins, borosilicate glass shows process running, ease of use by a single operator.

Lets Pilotech lab spray dryer support your R&D

Top Questions You May Ask

What are the advantages of laboratory airflow spray dryer compared to centrifugal spray dryer?
Compared with the centrifugal spray dryer, the laboratory airflow spray dryer does not require a centrifugal turntable for atomization, so the volume is much smaller, and there is no loud noise due to the high-speed centrifugal rotation of the turntable.
Why can the YC-1800 laboratory low temperature spray dryer achieve an inlet air temperature of 105°C?
YC-1800 laboratory low temperature spray dryer adopts micro-negative pressure design. Under micro-negative pressure, the water evaporation temperature is lower than 100°C, so it can dry the material well at an inlet temperature of 105°C.
Why can the laboratory vacuum low temperature spray dryer achieve an inlet air temperature of 50°C?
The laboratory vacuum low-temperature spray dryer uses a vacuum system in the drying chamber. The moisture is under the vacuum state, the temperature of vaporization is much lower than that under normal pressure, so it can achieve an inlet temperature of 50 °C
Why is it safe to dry organic solvents in a laboratory organic solvent spray dryer?
To ensure the safety of the experiment, the laboratory organic solvent spray dryer uses nitrogen as the gas carrier. In the entire spray drying system, the oxygen concentration is always controlled within the safe value set by the system. Once the oxygen concentration exceeds the set value, the system will not start or automatically shut down.
Why can a laboratory spray dryer use glass as a drying room?
The laboratory spray dryer can use high borosilicate glass, which can withstand high temperature of 500 °C, to ensure that the glass will not break due to heat when the spray dryer is working, and to ensure that the experiment process can be observed at the same time.
Can organic solvent spray dryer use air for drying aqueous solutions?
Yes, when drying the aqueous solution, you can turn off the oxygen monitoring system and the nitrogen circulation system, so that you can directly use air as a heat source to save nitrogen.
What is the process of the laboratory organic solvent spray dryer?
Both atomization and hot air use inert gas, such as nitrogen. After the material is atomized into small droplets, it encounters hot nitrogen and dries instantly. The dried material is collected with hot air under the action of the cyclone separator in the bottle. Hot nitrogen, organic solvent vapor  and a small amount of powder that has not been collected enter the nitrogen circulation system, the powder is first recovered, and then the exhaust gas enters the condensation system, the organic solvent vapor is condensed and recovered, and the cleaned nitrogen enters the next cycle .
What is the particle size of the material after drying in laboratory airflow spray dryer ?
The particle size of the material after drying in laboratory airflow spray dryer is generally 1-25 microns. After Shanghai Pilotech improved the equipment manufacturing process, the maximum particle size of some models can reach 100 microns.

Why Pilotech Spray Dryer Can Succeed Your R&D

15 Years Spray Dryer
We started to produce spray dryer since 2005, and we have always been leading the spray drying technology.
50+ Patents
Large amounts of patents and original technology of spray dryer.
1 Years Warranty
We provide free replacement service for non-artificial damaged parts within the warranty period.
3500+ Satisfied Users
Over 3500 users around the world have given good feedback.
500 Papers on Google Scholar
Large amounts of papers on usage of Pilotech spray dryer.
Full Support on Installation & Maintenance
Providing detailed and easy-follow operational manual and operation video.

Our Happy Clients & Partners

We are an Australian manufacturer specialized in feed industry. We bought a YC-2000 spray dryer from Shanghai Pilotech recently. It has been supplied and delivered to Brisbane as we scheduled. We are quite happy about the instrument itself. The quality, its user-friendly design and its price make it very competitive on the international market. We also enjoyed the communication with the sales representative, Ms. Vicky Xiang. She also kindly facilitated some technical support for us. The whole purchasing experience was satisfying and positive. Thank you!
Dr. Wendy Chen – Bioproton Pty Ltd
In June, when we received the YC-500, we dried an essential oil sample with apolymer and we obtained excellent results. This test was carried out in theinstrument conditions that YC-500 was received.In this way, we start to work with an aqueous sample containing a low content of a very low molecular weight peptide fraction. The first results were very satisfactory, even though the yield was relatively low (30% of total solids originally in solution).First runs were carried out with the sample only, but then we added different types of additives (anticaking; dispersant; flavouring agent; etc). Again, we obtained good results, although with different grade of product adherence in different parts of the YC-500。
Dr.Claudia Paul
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Lets Pilotech Succeed Your Next R&D

Pilotech has improved the application scope, stability, reliability and cost efficiency of spray dryer to an unprecedented level.

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